What do you do for FUN?

Hi Everyone…

Argentin Tango classes started again tonight in our Salles des Fêtes.

Many different nationalities attend and the language is French (in various forms)…

The two hours pass in a flash… the music gets your feet tapping… (no matter if you have two left feet)… and everyone works at their own level.

So… what do the rest of you do to unwind and have FUN ??

Let’s hear from you… please… always looking for new ideas…

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cycling with mates at my two local clubs :wink:


Golf, golf, golf - only started playing 5 years ago and completely hooked. For me it’s most definitely 50% golf 50% social - great mix of people from all walks of life and all nationalities. Something I can do just about anywhere in the world - happy days :slight_smile:


Fun, whatever happened to it? Too bloody knackered most days to even think about it, but apart from taking the dog walkies, or going to watch CA Brive with mates, it’s watching a movie in front of big telly with a few cold beers.
I am getting a new shed built and going to start building a bit of simple furniture, that may be fun???

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I’m obviously much less of a social animal than Simon. My ‘fun’ activities are on the whole solitary activities, walking, cycling and sailing.


Swimming in the summer, knitting in the winter, reading. cooking and eating out, sometimes.


can relate to that, Mark, my tabac is open 6 and a half days a week and I’m often too knackered too, I’ve just surfaced from my sièste to takle my second days work (no cycling today but I’m not grumbling as I managed to get out for a 3hr training ride yesterday before getting back behind the till to finish the day) :wink:


Just come in (19.00) after cutting and clearing a large fallen tree on the chemin on the “rural” way to the village. Cold, dirty and smelly, but got about 3m3 of firewood. Just about got enough strength left to open a couple of bottles of beer☺

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I’m off home now after a 12h day in the tabac, a beer sounds a good idea :slight_smile:

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Lots of lunches and tea parties with friends.
Making new friends…
Fund raising for SPA…
Event May 14th to commence with Afternoon tea Puttin on the Ritz…

Creations for day and evening and produced and directed by John Coureau
gown creations.

Time to remember the great musicals with James Anderson.
We are talking with other artists…and hope to include other forms of art.
Venue La Chartruse du Blagnac. Saint Nexans.

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That’s a whole world away from our life Barbara. Pauline does the ironing for fun!

Sorry, meant she is on the phone all day for fun😅

Ironing is not fun, but the sight of a neat pile of fresh clothes is very satisfactory.

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Could you please tell me where your Salles des Fetes is? I would love to join! Thanks in advance.

Anne-Marie… if you are replying to me and Tango… we are in 24… a bit too far for you I suspect…:wink:

We have French Traditional Dancing on alternate Mondays…

Keeps us on our toes…completely different…great fun

Oh I guess you’re right – I’m in 34 (between Beziers and Narbonne). But keep dancing – the Tango Argentin must be the most sensuous dances I know, I absolulely love it!.

Have fun!


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As I have a tendency to break bones if I fall down… personally, I don’t do too many of the foot-flinging movements… but it is an absolutely wonderful dance and my hubbie and I are thoroughly enjoying ourselves…

I’m in Bordeaux city and have been running a small English-speaking theatre, film and music club. We have put on several short plays in a little tea room / bar / restaurant here in Chartrons. Also playing a lot of music ( guitar and singing ) with another English girl vocalist and occasionally a French guitarist friend in said bar and wherever else anyone will give us a drink and a snack for payment. We do shows on 60/70/80s classics. I’m developing the inclusion of bilingual songs too where the lyrics are translated … both ways as it were. Eg Leonard Cohen’s “Le Partisan”. I’ve also started exhibiting some of my photos … some old film based ( ‘argentique’ ) b&w ones and also some modern digital ( ‘numerique’ ) colour ones. Had one exhibition last September and another coming up after Easter. There’s a couple of clubs / associations here that have a good social program and mix of natives and international migrants … Bordeaux-USA Asso and the ICB ( International Club of Bordeaux ). And am currently also finding out more about the ‘Internations’ organisation which also seems to have a great mix of folk. Oh and cycling as much as possible ! Oh again … and trying to improve my French ! :wink:


When is your next show @AndyJeff ?

Sounds fun.
And we need fun.
Fancy talking about joining in on my event for May 14th?
there is no payment…but, I think lots of fun and money going to help
cats and dogs.
We have an interesting mix of people involved…and my number is 0557474233.

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