What do you do with a Cat that will always wander back to his original Home?


I just wanted some advise from you cat people out there. As we're moving to the UK I'm having to rehome some of our cats.

Now we have this one cat who lived wild around this house when we moved here 8 years ago. We gradually domesticated him and he's now an absolutely amazing cat. He interacts brilliantly with all the cats in the area and is very sociable. He follows me everywhere like a little dog. Some years ago we tried to re home him about 30 miles away from here - but 2 weeks later he was back on the doorstep. So I guess the question is which is the best option.

1) Rehome much further away in France

2) Rehome in the UK

3) Leave around the house. (Although this option seems difficult for me - due to the emotional attachment - he's very capable of getting himself fed at the neighbour and the new people here will feed the wild colony)

I guess I just don't like the idea of re homing him far away and he starts wandering back...I just want what would be best for him.

Any advise welcome. Thanks !

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Hi Rachel - me again!!

When a cat is rehomed, be it with yourself to a new house, or to another owner, it must be kept indoors for at least 4 weeks to ensure that it gets used to the new territory, new smells etc etc.

Some cats are persistant but if this is followed, I've not come across any problems.

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