What do you do with your horses?

Of course we want you, any any other horsey people out there! www.horsetales.fr

You might not want me :slight_smile:
Ok I will!

Catherine, come and join us on Horsetales, then you can be part of our Interdressage Winter League team!

Woo hoo! Makes such a difference being able to get out and do stuff.
As soon as it dries out (ha) I plan to get the field sorted so that we can at least do some interdressage.

We’re not fast enough for endurance, but our Trec debut wasn’t bad…I now have a friend with a Land Rover so we can actually go and do stuff!!

I did a bit of endurance in the Uk - I went through a period of having mad TB’s with no brakes so it was the best option - after a few miles which were a bit hairy, it was always fun.
Would like to do something but we’ve got no transport anymore and its all a bit tricky!

Me too, but I’ve got a trailer and no 4x4!!!

Me too!

Sounds fab - we’re that bit too far away too !


That sounds great, just the sort of thing I’d like to get involved with, but I’m too far away in 24…

Husbands sometimes have no business getting involved! For anyone that is in our neck of the woods there is a little Riding Club, made up of mainly British, a few Dutch and German and a couple of French, we do low key rides, jumping, le trec and dressage, instruction, very friendly and social and your horses don’t have to be registered to anything! It i called Quercy Equestre and we have members from 47, 82, and 46 our Chairman is Judith Wood jud74.wood@orange.fr.

Yo might be able to do the FFE ‘Club’ competitions with your horses, I heard a rumour they were changing the rules, so check it out.

I keep planning to do a bit of Trec as I reckon me and the daughter could do it together! But as the OH has just flogged my trailer, we are also without transport for the moment! Grrr…

I have a trailer, just nothing to tow it with, can’t afford to change my car at the moment…
My horse is registered with the SIRE but as origines non constatées, so I guess that’s out for us then…and my two youngsters will be the same, even though I have a UK passport for one of them because her sire and dam details are written in and not printed they won’t register her as origines constatées!

That is annoying, as I don’t know of anywhere that hires trailers, you can only do endurance here with a horse that is registered and has its SIRE papers from the HARAS which is such a shame, it is a breeding thing I suppose, but I think they could exempt geldings! I got into the endurance by default as I went to start some youngsters for a lovely English lady called Marcy Pavord, she was running the King of Bahrain’s Endurance Yard here, after starting the youngsters we discovered that Marcy had cancer and so I took over the competing for her, she was such a pro and knew all about the game, I was just a bottom on a saddle! Happily we made a great team and had such fun and a good amount of success!

Hi Rebecca
Just been looking at your site, definitely a few things there I’d like to try, after 7 years here, I still haven’t found a really good fly repellant…
I would love to try endurance here, but know nothing about it…so far the only competing we have done is with Interdressage ( www.interdressage.com ) as we don’t have any equine transport for the moment…

Hi Helen

I suppose I have become a horsey professional, I have my BHSAI and I had my own yard in Scotland, some liveries and some starters and some muddled ones that needed a new way forward, I used to Event and do all the riding club stuff with the younger ones. Now I have just the two horses, my daughter’s fantastic Highland pony Seamus (I hope she never reclaims him) who is 16 this year and has just started to learn High School dressage! Plus a wonderful 5 year old Arab x - Quartz (who everyone thinks is a TB) who I rescued from a local chap who bred him, he is a darling and I will do dressage and maybe a little endurance with him, would also like to jump again so he may have to learn that too!

All the best with your horses.