What do you do with your horses?

I'm just a happy hacker, I usually get to take Gandalf out at least once a week, weather and small child permitting.........the rest of the time we take the babies out walking round the village to show them not everything is out to eat them and to let them graze here and there........

So how about the rest of you?

I agree with the club thing - they don't seem to do local gymkhana's or anything like that - Hollie would love to do showing in hand and ridden as well - maybe we should all get together and have a good ole fashioned English gymkhana's

Yep it is and we are right on the river - we have a campsite which I am gradually turning into my own little horsey heaven - mind out my OM has put his foot down and we are still negoiatating on the old tennis court - I want an indoor school!!!!

Heres the link to the site www.dordognecamping.co.uk - if you are ever down this way pop in for a cuppa or a glass of vino.

Helen and I are often up Perigueux way for some horsey things..

They do look little angels - but when my 8 year Hollie jumps I have to cover my eyes - is it a mum thing…

Whereabouts in the Dordogne - its a large place??? I live near Ste. Foy la Grande…

Aw I love seeing pics of kids jumping on ponies - they always look so cute!

Where abouts are you?

Hi David, and welcome to the group. Any pics to share with us?

Hands up - I am a happy hacker too.

How about some pics of him? And the Appy? My horses are pretty much always dirty as they live out all year, I just scrape the mud off where the saddle goes.... ;-)

I have a second Appy baby, no papers but it appears both sire & dam were Appys, she's a snowcap, unusual looking! (photo taken last summer, hence lack of mud....)

He looks absolutely gorgeous bless him, we have a French horse which I am sure is percheron x but his papers just say pinto and he's coloured. When we got him as a 3yr old he was like a cut and shut car....enormous head,neck and shoulders and the tiniest pert little backside any teenager would have been proud of, but he has grown into himself now.

Had to back my first Appie last year, shall we say it was interesting !

A dirty horse is like a wet saddle blanket.....a horse really enjoyed !

Yes, thanks Bob, you are of course right, I know plenty of people who can't/won't hack their horses out either! My Percheron x is such a good "go anywhere" horse (I love your description, he's definitely a 4x4!) that we did our first Trec competition last month, he was great!

Today I took him out with one of my babies on the lead (18 month old Appaloosa x cob, not that you can tell under all the mud), they were both excellently behaved, I'm very happy!

We have a mixture of horses here at home, we have our competition reiners which are Quarter horses, then our 4x4s which are Criollo's and then a few Connies which we break and then sell hopefully. But I spend most of my time when not schooling, riding out around the local area which has the most amazing network of chemins over very differing terrain, once I get out the front gate I can dissapear for many hours and its fantastic you never know whats around the corner.

To the lady who said she was JUST a happy hacker, let me say that there is no such thing as a JUST, hacking out is as demanding on you and your horse as most competative dicsiplines as you have no control whaysoever on whats coming round the corner, you just have to ride it ! I know many International competitors who freely admit they dont have the nerve to hack out, yet will jump enormous fences and the like in comps. Dont think I am belittleing competative riders because I most definately am not, but at the same time dont put yourself down as just a happy hacker, its just you and your horse, no onsite first aid, no course designer and no fences to catch your runaways, your pretty cool really !

Just my view of course, but I'm right as allways, except on Fridays when I take the day off and give someone else a chance.

So who’s up for the January Interdressage competition? We’re going to have a go at class one: http://www.interdressage.com/html/enter.php#SCHEDULE

Le trec - I want to start too - am thinking about doing a first one this spring, just to see what happens and to get Angel, my 4-year old gypsy cob, used to crowds etc. I don’t expect we will do anything right but there is a competition near here in April and I will have had her here for a year then so time to try I think. Where are you all? I have already discussed the possibility of starting a little trec club from my yard/pony club this year. I am in the 34, near Montpellier. Is there anybody else nearby??

Thanks :slight_smile: First time I’ve ever won anything…

Go for it!

Oh and well done Helen!! and Gandalf too obviously!

The challenge is on… just need to sort out a flat area!!

Helen, my horse is no dressage horse, he’s a draft cross, and I’m not too hot at it either but we won the novice class in September! The entry fees for all the classes this month go to charity, why not give it a go?