What do you do?

Do you work?
Why not talk about your work. Before you came to France did you do something else to make a living?
Or are you retired....and enjoying retirement?

I say I say I say. How d'ye know it was Ryan's? Anyway he's gone all airs and graceless now.

wasn't it Ryans Dotter ?

*facepalm* off to lunch :)

Wasn't that clip from "Some like it dot?"



She was only the Radio Operators daughter..

but she dit dit & dit dit & dit dit ...

Doo doo de doop!

Morse the pity....

Grr, had to do a quick dash


and fewer photographs......

that's enough of your dots, dash it.....

Not forgetting the Steinbeck classic, The Dots of Wrath !

Even Shakespeare: friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your dots...

Don't know but that one dot says it all !

Who needs the Gettysburg Address when it can all be said in a dot ?

Do you think he might have gone dotty?

A man of few words....

Sydenham, Beckenham ..I remember them a little...shared a house in Penge and the

chap who had the house lives here now, in France.

Seem to remember a ballroom in Purley where I performed!
Or was it the Streatham Ice rink?

I was so brave back then.

I think that us girls really explored the job market...

But there is the here and now....

Oh Peter - I was relying on it being just that!

Of course not