What do you most envie

In your other half? I've just been reading Stuarts post, and all the replies! As I type I have a sinus/ear infection and pneumonia, and I have just been organising our lunch.

So what do you most envie in the other sex?

I love being female, I am a bit of a girlie girl and enjoy doing my nails hair etc and shoe shopping. The down side of this is that I can not be sick. OH is very male man and has no idea what a saucepan is for , so if I am sick and I want to eat I have to cook. He will shop and will eat whatever is put in front of him, with very few exceptions, so frozen meals are a god send at the mo. BUT oh how I would love to be able to go bed and stay ther and have boiled eggs and soldiers delivered!!!!!

If you coud change places with him/her what would you appreciate most??? going back to bed now!

Most men never seem to worry....

They let the women do it for them.

So there we are ...that is my answer.

Mine is wonderful, he is practical, romantic, thoughtful....;everything except a cook! Perhaps some basic lessons are a good idea! It never occured to me untill now, guess I have never been sick before! I shall think on , as jane said there are some things which anyone can do with the minimum of effort and he really should be able to! However he may then tell me i should be capable of putting oil in the car and such.....yes I could but......!!!!

Mine is very good when im sick , taking over all my animals chores cooking shopping ect. although I wish some times he wouldnt as he has to be the messiest cook in the world and for weeks later will find splashes every where...

Only thing I envy about him is his ability to know everything about computers where as i can just turn my on.. Also his job as he travels the whole world with it and has been to amazing places that i could just dream about .

I think he could, but am feeling too rubbish to suggest it case................!!!

Not being politically correct as I shall now be accused, but apart from our biological differences, there is basically nothing I envy or dislike about women. I have had all of my adult life in a world where they have been my equals, bosses, working with or for me, my life partners, mothers of our children, friends, 'enemies', rivals and thus the list could go on. I admire and occasionally envy, ditto do not like or envy, etc, people as individuals rather than by gender. I find that great because I can also have female friends and make it known that that is what we are without people either suspecting, alleging or hoping there is hanky-panky. There I must say many of my closest friends happen to be women rather than men, which is by chance rather than design.

Cooking boiled eggs is not difficult. If you keep them in the 'fridge then put them in cold water and time two minutes from when they start to boil. Presumably he can make toast!

Can he open a can of soup?

When I sprained my wrist and could not finish a quite simple piece of knitting for my mother-in-law, my husband did it for me, and no, he could not knit before that.

He draws the line at learning to make sauces.

You are either very brave or have paid up your insurance and have a death wish. Let us know how it turns out and what time the service is


The things I most envy in my OH are too many to mention but I would cite the way nothing is too much trouble when I ask for immediate help even though a more serious & important task is being attempted by OH. I envy the generosity shown when new shoes or clothing are imperative though not strictly necessary. I envy the way my OH, willingly, makes our finances available for my horses & horsey paraphernalia. I envy the patience & understanding shown when I state the bl**ding obvious. I envy the fact that my OH can cook better omelette than me. :-)

Signed...... Mrs Evans

Absolutely nothing. Women definitely have it tougher than men. But I am the better cook :D

Very interesting subject!

Can not say I have that going for me at the moment as I am single!

But I would say that in general the one thing I envied the most was indeed the cooking!