What do you want for Christmas? A massive spirit level is what

A massive spirit level would serve to celebrate the birth of Jesus I reckon, Him being a jobbing chippy and all.

How about this monster?

If you use this link Jeff will throw some Shekels my way, happy holidays…


@james you really need to move towards a laser level - your world will never be the same!

Dewalt DW088K-XJ Self Levelling Line Laser , 0 V, Black/Yellow, Set of 6 Piece

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Will it be flat or curved? (Your world) :relaxed:

We don’t do Christmas or birthday presents now we are getting on.
If there is something we need during the year we usually manage to get it.
We are trying to cut down on stuff.

It will certainly be level - and the rest depends if you are a Flat Earther!

(Back in my surveying days if measuring over a long distance the curvature of the earth did need to be taken into account for ultimate accuracy)

Will this help your spirit level James?


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Probably! Not sure about I Heart Wine though

John, coud you recommend a decent Laser level that A, works without it being pitch black, B, can withstand some abuse, and C, is affordable for a poor Brit ?.

Ha, after my last one failed (branded) I am now the proud owner of a Lidl one! Don’t mind if it doesn’t last long at that price. It’s only for a sign writing job so not requiring a top notch one.

Ta John, actually I did have a Lidl or Aldi one a few years ago, but couldn’t see the light except when it was so dark it was too dark to do anything else. Any link would be useful, cheers.

Green laser levels are supposedly better in brighter light.

I have a Bosch Professional crossline level GLL2-50 with a receiver. Outside you can get up to 50m if using the receiver. I have also bought a floor to ceiling pole it attaches to which is very useful.

The use of red lens glasses helps in daylight, I used the pair from my rotative laser (brico Depot)

Yep very good.