What does "cast" mean?

Sorry - me again with another idiot technical question. Suddenly the process of highlight / copy / paste into another app has got more complicated. Instead of “paste” in the dropdown menu there’s something called “cast” - what on earth is that?

I suspect it means “send to several people” as in “broadcast” or “podcast”.

But I’ve never seen that as an alternative to “paste”. Which app is it?

And which dropdown menu?

To me to cast when dealing with equipment means to transmit wirelessly. I “cast” from my ipad to the TV screen using google chromecast (well I have sone once but took too long to set-up so not done it again!)


No such thing.

Like others, I’ve encountered cast only in connection with sending something - usually video - wirelessly to another device. Would that make sense in whatever app you’re using?

OK, I highlighted Chris’s comment and did RH click for menu with “copy” in it, which I clicked on

Went to Reverso website and RH clicked on their search box. In the past, that would have given me the option to paste Chris’s comment. This is what I’ve now got in the dropdown menu.
(By the way I’ve windows 10 on my PC)

I’ve just fidgeted… highlighted some of your post rightcicked and chosen “copy” and gone into my usual Google Translate
… rightclicked in the box… and I realize what’s happening to you.

I’ve noticed before that it sometimes offers “print” and annoyingly doesn’t offer me “paste” …
(but until today I’ve never noticed that it also offers “cast”)

Anyway, I just left click from the box… go back into the box and right click… and “paste” appears with its usual other bits and pieces… hurrah

Yes, I realise if I do it again I get the paste option, but find it (mildly) irritating that I have to do it twice.

If the tv is smart enough (internet linked) then you dont need a chrome cast.

The TV is smart enoufg, but I 'm not!

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Daft thing is it doesn’t happen every time… and it’s only begun in recent weeks… so it’s probably an update thingy that’s changed something…

I can live with it… :wink: