What does Pouffiasse mean!?

Les Nuls - Barby Pouffiasse
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I think that it is perhaps often being confused with “pétasse” which is more rude and more sexually oriented. But both are most definitely directed at females.

Believe Laurent Grandmaison has grasped the correct nuance for this mild insult. DO spend my days translating. Bravo, Laurent. If it ever was a term for gays, that stopped at “pouf”(or other spellings).

Back in the day, it was used as a pretty low insult to “gay” men. But far more common when used to abuse either sex from behind the wheel.

I confirm , there is no male equivalent ! for me it’s an debasing insult .

It is indeed! It’s a good word though…and as with most words of this type, I presume there’s no real male equivalent…

Sounds like 'slag' would be the right term to use then.

This group is proving highly instructive....!

I think there is someone in England who could classify perfectly as a “pouffiasse” .I think she is called Jordan or kate something or other .she used to be married to Peter André

I'd say not very respectable and definitely too broadminded as far as "play with boys" goes; but NOT prostitute. I would include something about uneducated or lack of class. The word pouffiasse brings to mind a certain language and body posture. :) It is often used by ladies talking about the new partner of their ex husband/boyfriend.

Of course it is also one of the top insults in the mad city trafic... That is why we live in the country/mountains and never hear the word spoken. :-)

yes jane the french charming oposite sex like using this bad word to speak about female drivers or “connasse” and we know that female doesn’t drive !!! (dixit the male drivers)

I think the best word in english ’ if you could call it english is “a slag”…Pouffiasse is the comon name given to us poor female drivers in Paris by the charming oposite sex!!!

it’s a girl not very respectable , who likes play with boys for the sex . it’s a common girl like a prostitute .