What does this Error Message mean?

tried loading Sud Ouest to get my daily update… and it keeps saying…


Tried it in Chrome and Firefox… same message.

any ideas, folks ??

I blame Brexir.

BBC News comes online, no problem… double drat.

It means the service is down or is too busy to respond to your attempt to view the web site

It first happened yesterday… then came back later in the evening

Today, I was reading it quite happily early evening and now it’s suddenly “down” again.

Never had this happen before in more than 20 years with Sud Ouest… but, as you say, it might just be that suddenly millions have found my favourite newspaper…

Obviously, millions have switched to something else… and Sud Ouest is back online…

Bizarre though… I’ll watch out for it tomorrow… things always happen in 3’s (so they say…)

The website was obviously having a bad day. Too much sun probably.

Storms appear to have very close to downed Orange’s transmitter here for a day or two about 2 weeks ago and again today in a brief lightning storm.

Guessing that:s why you are getting this error as other transmitters may be down too loading the network that’s left. Networks are normally set up to try to route traffic automatically across other transmitters but sometimes it just doesn’t work very well - your error looks like it timed out trying to find alt route

could well be storms, as suggested… possibly a weak link somewhere.

As I have said, never had this before in 20+ years… so perhaps its due to climate change…

Perhaps the server has chosen to identify as unavaible. I hear it’s quite the rage.

we had an “outage” of our 4G yesterday which was very flaky on and off all day (which I mentioned in another topic). This affected many things internet - things that had worked well suddenly didn’t - including downloading emails and our TV.
Thankfully, by evening time, order was restored (John Bercow got on the case perhaps!) and everything was back to normality.

Error 503 Service Unavailable
Varnish Cache server…
is nothing to do with a network connection.

It simply means that the Cache server on the web site that you are trying to access is unavailable (overloaded, offline for maintenance etc).


The site I have a problem with (only in the last 2 days)… is that of the Sud Ouest newspaper.

Now, I’m wondering if they’ve had problems with naughty-folk somewhow in their system…

thanks for all your comments.

over… and out…

It could be due to the newspaper having an article that had attracted an unexpected amount of interest.

Yep, this.

If it’s a network or routing issue, it’s between the cache server and the backend server, not between client and the cache server.

I have been getting the same error when I viewed The Times for the last two days for both Chrome and Edge on Win 10. Strangely when I view using an iPad there is no problem. A 503 error is the website is overloaded and cannot service the request or the server is down. But that doesn’t explain the fact it works on IOS but not WIN10

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does anything work on Windoze 10? :roll_eyes:

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I read yesterday that there has been a major outage at one of the biggest ‘cloud servers/suppliers’ to a lot of big well known sites, and millions of others. That may have been the issue. A number of sites were failing to load here.

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