What else should we know

Having missed pre Brexit move to France we had to get LSVisa in London ££. On arrival we then had to register to move onto next phase didn’t realise had to pay €200 pp for that . Now today received a notification for medical due at 3 month point apparently part of Brexit deal ? Didn’t know this either guess it’s going to cost for mini medical inc X-ray €€. I may have to find employment at this rate ! Is there anything else I should know ? Can anyone advise We’re getting cars sorted thanks

I just heard about the €200 taxe de sejour on the 6-12 month long stay visas yesterday! On top of the €99 for the visa itself! hadn’t heard about the medical either! If you have PHI you shouldn’t be out of pocket for the medical.

So currently on top of all the cost for initial visa we paid €200 Pp once here and not sure yet the cost for medical ? Plus petrol about 300 km trip Caen from here . You definitely need to get your ducks in a row before coming over now . I hope theres no more €€ surprises .

Just costs for energy bills, phone, tv licence, taxe fonciere, food, CT, house repairs, mutuelles etc etc etc. :wink::wink::wink:


That’s just depressing, @_Brian ! She has done incredibly well so far :smiley:

is this something new??
is it on Gouv.Fr somewhere… ??

Isn’t it a bit alarming if there is not a complete breakdown of costs/charges available??
friends want to come over… but how can they judge finances if there are unknowns lurking along the line…

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We understand that there are costs involved but i do wonder if post Brexit just gave EU an excuse to add more costs and tax :thinking: money wise you def have to do your math .

It was certainly easier/cheaper to move pre-Brexit - such a shame UK opted to leave the club and has so far made such a shambles of it.

I think it is very likely there will be.

Do you need to take our private medical insurance to cover the time until you have full cover?

I can’t say for certain in this case but I think on the whole far from the EU adding more costs and tax (although I imagine it’s individual countries anyway, not the EU) it’s purely the UK reverting to third country status, which of course it chose to do, and so having to now do what every other similar country has to do. This is how much brexit has screwed the UK, and its citizens. You don’t know how good you’ve got it until it’s gone and you’re faced with doing things like the rest of the world looking in from the outside. That said, France does love a tax :see_no_evil::joy:

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and paperwork :shushing_face:

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Yes, it’s clearly on the service public pages about the different visas. This has been the situation for non -europeans for a while, so shouldn’t be a surprise.

In fact according to website it should cost €200+€25

It doesn’t apply to people coming for up to 90 days.

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Well tbh if the UK government negotiators didn’t at least get us the same relationship and privileges and structures such as Norway and Liechtenstein have without being members of the EU, such as for basic things like postage, then I am wondering quite what they spent 4 years negotiating. They don’t seem to have arranged quite a lot of basic things that should have been within reach.

Hi Jane… now I’m completely lost…

Your link is for CdS for workers…

I’m trying to find the bumpf on visas for retired UK folk who want to stay 6-9 months in their French holiday home. (is that possible?)

which is why I’m wondering about @toryroo 's post

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Taxe de séjour is what tourists pay per night they spend in tourist accommodation. This is not “taxe de séjour”, it is a tax on a titre de séjour. Not the same thing at all!
Far from being a new tax, this tax was recently simplified and reduced from its previous level. A couple of years ago it was 250€.

I think if you compare France’s immigration requirements with the UK’s, you will find it is far easier and less expensive for a foreigner to immigrate to France, than for a foreigner to immigrate to the UK.


There are loads of different types if CdS on that link. I just happened to pick the workers one.

People who merely wish to come here for over 90 days but less than 9 months/year only need to get a visa. Which is usually 99€


The extra cost is for people who then wish to change this visa into a carte de séjour to stay here for one reason or another. I don’t believe you have to do this if you are not staying any longer than your visa.

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Thanks for clarification… I’d missed the fact that the OP is trying to move from visa to residency… and @toryroo 's response made me throw a wobbly… :wink:

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Good morning matt yes we had to get private insurance to get visa now EHIC only 90 days holiday now. Also had to have repatriation cover and minimum 30,000 pp cover . Also cover throughout EU not sure about last one. We got insurance pretty basic due to usual over priced insurance. Our for 2 pp with above and emergency no GP we have to cover that should we requireit near 4000 year.

Ok i guess as a foreigner

Ok i guess as a foreigner from UK to france i was hoping the transition would be a bit easlier but as i fear it doesn’t appear that simple and clear cut at the moment.
We have followed the instructions and complete many forms after payment for help and it is still an uphill stuggle. Some departments are unsure of the new rules and other departments don’t answer phones . Those that answer phones tell you to email questions as that department wont talk to you . My French currentlyis not good enough to complete whats needed. Some places wont accept another person talking on our behalf. So yes I expected to have to complete forms etc but not be as stressful as it has veen. Hiw long have you been in France ? How did pp move over before Brexit ? Seems thise £ spoke to it was much easier to pop over buy a house move yourself and still have not registered themselves or cars after many years