What else to do with pumpkin?

Our large pumpkin fell off the wall (like Humpty Dumpty) and broke in half. I spent an hour cutting up and cooking all the pumpkin. From this I made: pumpkin soup (delish with curry and piment espelette), sweet pumpkin bread (like a cake), pumpkin pies (American style) and pumpkin puree (like mashed potatoes as a side dish).

What else can I make/do with this pumpkin? I still have some leftover (about 2 cups) and ready to use. Any ideas for a savory dish? Maybe with pasta as a sauce?

It is so good...but must find something unique to use the last bits with!

Pumpkin pie

wow, thanks for that....

I realize more and more how much pumpkin is a 'power food' and is economical, nutritious and packs lots of yum and vitamins in a small quantity.

With my broken pumpkin I made 5 big 'dishes' with a bit of effort to cut and cook...but why not, right?

Try spiced pumpkin jam, I found the recipe on a website. It is lovely and warming during the winter.


Not savoury , but worth a try and certainly different!

wow…i have a potiron that I must open and use. Is the recipe easy to supply? A link to this recipe? That sounds lovely…

Will check it out. Appreciate it.

great idea!

Try the Riverford Organics website. Excellent vegetarian recipes.

You didn’t make the seal well enough. You do. Leave enough pasta around the filling to make a good seal. Don’t overfill.
Good luck with the next batch.

Try the BBC food website. Enter pumpkin into the ingredient search and there are a host of great recipes … Gnocchi, fritters, Miam!
Bon appet!

Does sound delicious - my ravioli opened up in the water, not sure what I did wrong but haven't had chance to make since. - Jane any tips much appreciated x

mine love risotto and the bonus is it sticks together so less gets on the floor!

Going to check it out…and I have arborio riso at home. Need to introduce my kids to the incredible soft taste of risotto. Grazie :slight_smile:

Sounds hard to make? Or not? Of course sounds delish…I have eaten before but never attempted to make my own ravioli…

Gordon Ramsey's Pumpkin Risotto - Ramsey's Pumpkin Risotto

This is lovely - one of my favourite risottos, really smooth and creamy.

Ravioli with a pumpkin and soft cheese filling with sage butter!

Thanks Carol in advance!

There was a great recipe in the Sunday Telegraph today (my mothers paper!)...for a pumpkin curry...looked lush...will copy it out tomorrow and put on SFN.