What Emoji fits?

One of the very few areas of techie stuff that has caught my eye and which I have found useful are the ‘Emojis’ or ‘Emoticons’ or whatever they are called. For once they are useful in being able to establish when one is joking etc.

Yet I have the distinct mpression that in another sense the geeks are indeed taking the piss out of us all - by ‘hiding in plain sight’. I recall a skit by Ronnie Corbett on the subject when he applied the ‘fruit’ connotations to high tech, but when you think about it aren’t we all being sucked into a world where we are held in contempt by these people?

My strange mind has drifted into the realms of associating high-tech names and terms with émoticons and here are a few starters as I ‘see’ them;

Google - :dizzy_face: I think the animated swivelling eyes is better, but can’t find animations)
Bluetooth - :cold_face: Pretty obvious I suppose?
Facebook - :face_vomiting: - Certainly how it affects me with all the selfies!
Twitter - :clown_face: Does this really need explaining?

Any other thoughts?