What exactly is Valeur déclarée?

Have been using Colissimo for international parcels for a while now and today got charged 6€29 extra for 2kg parcel to US but not sure why.
The post server was pointing at the Valeur Déclarée and the déclaration en douane but as there was a queue behind me, she was getting a bit sharp. My French is fair but I had no idea why I was paying extra.
I have always filled in the Valeur Déclarée without any problems for the past 8 months as I thought that if I needed to claim this information would be required. If I want extra insurance , more than the standard, on an item I post recommandée.

I have tried to find out more on the internet without any luck, so can anyone enlighten me please?

Its insurance - from the La Poste website:

International Declared Value meets your need to insure your consignments of valuable small goods. The declared International Value allows a secure delivery of your shipment, a delivery against signature to the recipient and compensation for the amount of the value of the content declared at the time of deposit, in case of loss, theft or damage.
International Declared Value allows you to secure your shipments as part of your management relationship with your customers and suppliers.

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Hi Janet
Tarif fixed 4,00 euros + proportional 2,29 ( minimum)
Tarifs La Poste Mars-2019.pdf

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Thank you
So what is the difference between valeur déclarée and recommandée which i have used with colissimo before?

That makes sense. So i shouldn’t have completed that section which Ive done every time and never been charged the extra.
Can I request recommandée without completing valeur déclarée? I have had used recommandée with colissimo before and only payed the R1 or R2 tarif.

The difference is pretty clear IMO.
One is insurance (and so the deliverer will need to obtain proof of receipt) and if not delivered you can claim on the insurance up to the value of the insurance.
The other is simply a received receipt with no insurance element in the case of non delivery.

Recommandée is still an option for Colissimo France ( covering you up to a loss of 50 euros and 200 euros respectively). But not for Colissimo International - (Please see link above- or PDF from earlier )

If you still want some form of cover when sending parcels internationally (as long as the contents value is less than 600 euros) then the Ad Valorem option would be better.

For example parcel contents value 385 euros will be 4 x (tranches) at 1euro each, cost 4 euros.

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Thank you Tracey that’s made it much clearer
Much appreciated

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