What happened when Brits applied for a carte de séjour - article

(stella wood) #41

This is the only stuff I have found so far… as I am not seeking asylum, the rules prevent my fingerprints being shared. As I have said, it works and I have no worries.

(Jane Williamson) #42

I was wrongly charged by the gendarmerie and after the Prosecutor refused to take the case I was hauled back to have my 'photo and fingerprints taken, with ink, just to complete the paperwork, so I do not trust the system.
I have never felt so awful in my life and I have no wish to be reminded of it.

(Pete Paterson) #43

An update on my post on this thread of 4th July when I reported a visit to the Bureau d’Etrangers. Ostensibly on the day, just to find out what (minimum) additional documents were required. But there was no “interview” and they simply took our “portfolios” away. As a civil servant about 1M years ago, and a qualified internal auditor about 1/2M later, I would not have accepted the package (see previous post), but we collected our Titres de Sejour this morning – the full Permanent works. So let’s hear it for French non-bureaucracy – in the Aude at least.

(Peter Goble) #44

Must admit I felt a bit green :nauseated_face: (envy) as we are still waiting, but congratulations, Long Stayer and best wishes for your future in France! :tada::fr::clap:

(Pete Paterson) #45

Thanks Peter - a future perhaps only as long as 29th March when the £ound reaches €0;80!!