What happened when Brits applied for a carte de séjour - article

Chap in the village applied for his CdS… earlier this year. He and I chatted through the rough outline of what was needed… as I was/am interested to find how/if it works.

Anyway, he went armed with a huge dossier… at the Prefecture, he was given a checklist and sent on his way. (He had got there 1 hour before opening time and was not kept waiting too long.)

He went back a few weeks later…with his dossier and the checklist duly ticked… again, went very early… had to wait about an hour… then he was seen/checked and sent on his way. He came into the Mairie the other day to show me his CdS… he was so triumphant and on reading the Connexion… I can understand his elation… :relaxed:

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Good news for that man!

His wife is applying separately… not heard a word about that one though… so, if she has applied, perhaps she has hit the same brick wall that others have found… :zipper_mouth_face:

(Did the fact that he is employed in France have any bearing on his treatment… no idea…)

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Perhaps what would be useful is if the statement from french ministry of interior supporting UK immigrants getting CdSs could be circulated - but in French. All very well knowing that there is a right to have them, but in the face of an obstinate prefecture articles in English would be no help at all.

Great idea Jane.

Also, is there somewhere to complain if a Prefecture doesn’t follow the rules/laws? There seems to be some discrepancy between Prefectures as to how the apply the rules/law and it would be helpful to know what the complaint or appeal procedure is.

Does anyone know if we have to supply the same tax return for each of our cards or we treated as a foyer?
It means yet more huge amounts of paper.

I think I read in one of these reports that each document had to be duplicated for each application. As usual though it probably depends on the Prefecture you are applying to.

The Application is not for a group/family… it is for an individual… therefore all paperwork must be done for each member of the family.

My friend applied for his CdS some weeks ahead of his wife. She was spending some time with the kids in UK and he knew he could use most of the documents for her application, at a later date. (but within the 3 month translation deadline).

Now now Stella, no paying for translations. By next year it will be mandatory to accept others documents and that is within the extension period after Brexit.

Jane… I hear what you say… but I know what is asked for in my area… and I know what works in our area… :zipper_mouth_face:

As a matter of interest for one and all… Please can you post onto this thread the Govt Link (or whatever) which promises us “no-more translations needed” for EU certificates…


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It’s already on here.
If you search you will find it.

Nope… cannot locate definitively…

Various folk/items talk about “certain” documents not needing translation… (rather like the V5/Carte Grise) where the columns/items are numbered so every country understands what it is seeing…

eg column 1 is Family Name, column 2 is First Name… (or whatever)

Sorry Stella, for being so abrupt, I have been quite ill for the past few days.
Much better now, I actually slept last night as I have stopped coughing.
I remember a link somewhere, maybe in the instructions for getting citizenship.

Sorry you’re poorly Jane … missing out on a good night’s sleep can be the last straw. :roll_eyes:

I’m sure that @anon54681821 posted a link about it not too long ago.

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had it all saved on my old computer but that is gone now.

No time to find it on here got to prepare for a guest arriving (the human kind)

It’s OK Harry… I found your Link.

Sadly, it is dated 2016… and whilst it does say what “should” happen… I cannot locate anything online which says that it is “actually” happening…

there is another link as well. it actually takes full effect from January 2019 this year but France has been actively allowing it sine last year. There are contact numbers for the group and they will send you an email you can hand over with any paperwork.

if you tag me in the link i will be able to find the other info for you

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cheers Harry :slight_smile: :slight_smile: