What happens when your vaccine passport is nullified

So, I’m completely lost, again, as usual :slight_smile:

I got the Janssen vaccine, one shot, last year, and had understood it was valid 270 days. I was travelling when I got the message from Ameli that I needed to get a booster shot, so was unable to make the appointment until today.

Well, it looks like I ran out of time as on 15 January all boosters are cancelled if you didn’t get them - even though my vaccine passport is still valid elsewhere in Europe - and so my pass is now null and void.

What on earth does this mean? Do I have to start again with a whole new vaccine?

I went to a booster appointment and they were ready to give me a whole new vaccine dose 2, of Moderna. This didn’t sit right with me as I had understood I was getting a booster, not a second shot, so I said I would go and think about it.

Does doing this even reapply my Covid passport?

I live alone and never see anyone outside the supermarket so I’m seriously low risk.

It seems like they’re making it up as they go along.

Any thoughts?

They are not making it up as they go along.
Because the J&J is just a single dose your Moderna booster showes as your second dose and once you scan and enter your new certificate QR code 4-5 days later your pass will be active again.
I was in the same boat and got my Moderna booster on Tuesday, my pass ran out on 15th Dec but will reactivate on the 25th.


Yes, but there is a booster vaccine, and a second dose vaccine, and they should be different dosages. They were going to give me the second dose Moderna, not the booster. That’s my confusion.

My pharmacist said the same that it is because the J&J is only a single first dose, you won’t OD on the full shot of vaccine believe me as I know one couple who had their jabs in the UK and then had them again here for some reason.
Your J&J vaccination pass ended one month earlier than the rest of the vaccines on the 15th of December compared to the 15th January because of the single first dose, you were eligible for your booster before the rest were.
I got mine on Tuesday and I am still living as I type this (I hope) :yum::grin:


OK, so you got the full second dose and not a booster shot, my French is so bad I just didn’t understand what they were saying to me?

You have misunderstood. The booster and the standard vaccine are the same. If you had a J&J booster it would be the same as the first vaccination you had, ditto Pfizer etc. It is also both possible and advantageous to mix vaccine sources because they show the body slightly different aspects of the virus and stimulate a better immunity.

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He said the full dose was the booster dose, my neighbour had the same at a different pharmacy.

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They told me the Moderna booster dose was a half dose.

"The Moderna COVID-19 single booster dose is half of the dose that is administered for a primary series dose and is administered at least six months after completion of a primary series of the vaccine. "

You should have accepted the vaccine dose 2. It would have been easier!

I haven’t heard of anyone who has had a problem having got an extra half dose,

Studies had shown that those who had a J&J vaccination and got a J&J booster shot raised neutralizing antibody levels by 4.2-fold on average.
But J&J recipients who got a full Moderna shot instead saw a 76-fold increase in antibodies, and a Pfizer booster yielded a 35-fold jump.

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Just do what they tell you :roll_eyes:

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That is generally bad advice :smiley:

Might be an idea to work your way through the links… many folk are in a similar situation and there is a way through the mire…


Thanks Stella, that’s really helpful :slight_smile: