What has brightened your day? -ongoing thread

That’s a real shame Jane… around here the Gendarmes get moved on every few years… so we get newcomers regularly…

No idea Paul… quite possibly it has happened… sadly, most things happen, at some stage, despite all procedures and precautions… such is life…

I do recall hearing of countless crimes that have been solved through DNA… which had previously remained unsolved… in some cases for a very long time…

this is just one example…

I shall bear that in mind in any future dealings I may have with the gendarmerie locally, just in case. :thinking:

Today I had a bright and breezy discussion with the lady proprietaire of the local pompe funèbres about my future demise, which I have no reason to think is imminent (but no reason to suppose it isn’t).

Before I went I swotted up on cadavres, cerceuils, cendres and cérémonie so it all went pretty smoothly and cheerfully, which was reassuring, and I shall be in competent and kindly hands.

All in all, with no ceremony of any kind and dispersion des cendres anonyme it should come in under 2400 euros which will 'be covered by my insurance policy. All I have to do now is commit my wishes to paper and keep it with my birth certificate, marriage ditto and passport, ready for my last journey to Villedieu-les-Poeles and the furnace!

As the lady said as I left, “Sweet dreams”! That’s nice, I reckon :rose::pensive::rose:

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What has brightened my day ??

Losing my temper for the first time in a long, long time… well, that is nothing to be proud of, I know… :zipper_mouth_face:… but…when I finally cracked… I spoke the whole time in French, using words that I did not even know I knew …(no bad language of course).

I had tried to leave quietly, but the other Brit continued to goad me… so… :roll_eyes:

It would have been so much easier to speak to the Brit in English, but out of deference to the French present… I did not… and perversely I feel proud that I managed to get it off my chest… in French… :zipper_mouth_face: now I’ll go and stand in the corner…


I’m interested is having a go. Just worried that an oligarch in need of replacement organs finds a match with mine and I disappear. They say there’s one book in everyone and mine would be based on that :wink:

[quote="IronDuke, post:331, topic:15110, Just worried that an oligarch in need of replacement organs finds a match with mine and I disappear…

Now that’s an angle on DNA testing that would never have crossed my mind, Your Grace :thinking::scream:!

These social media thingies are truly a God-send, full of gland-saving tips… :joy:

@Peter_Goble - you always have an extraordinary refreshing view on this subject!

Full bloods and, most importantly, my 6 monthly PSA results from my ‘donations’ this morning just landed in my inbox - all good and glass of wine in hand. I’ve gotta tell you - my heart just about jumps out of my chest whilst I hover over the ‘click-to-open’ button for the results.

Reminder boys - if you’re over 45 - please get your PSA levels checked - just for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just right for dry January…


Thanks Graham - real laugh out loud moment there!! :joy::joy::joy:

Sophie Raworth interviewing Laura Kuenssberg about the Brexit vote while a Bollocks to Brexit bus does a slow drive by…

My day was brightened by being given a bottle of Cognac Orange… by the local Undertaker. :open_mouth::hugs:

Not sure if he’s encouraging me to drum up trade… or if it is a “poisoned chalice” 'cos he’s fed up with missing out on the chocolate parties we hold at the Mairie… :thinking::wink:

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A lady came on to the ward to help arrange a complex discharge. I thought she kept looking at me and as she was leaving she said she thought she knew me from somewhere. Turns out we went to school together 50 years ago and she recognised me!


Knowing I’m getting increasingly anxious about a no deal brexit…my mom rang me immediately after tonight’s vote to tell me that she’d just seen on the news that TM’s deal had been defeated by a huge majority…

“I voted remain” she said…”don’t worry…it will sort…”

Love my mom…:heart:

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Took my car to the garage for a small but essential job doing and they wouldn’t take any money for such a little thing

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Wow, free engine change Nellie, no wonder you’re pleased.:grinning:

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there are some lovely folk about… and you have obviously found some of 'em…

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Yes I was one of their first customers many years ago and I know I can trust them. The thing is they actually make money by being like that because the word of mouth is so good they get more customers

Quite so… we have all sorts of folk from all walks of life, in our circle now… their kindness along with their skills… has made us loyal customers and, of course, we recommend them to others.