What has brightened your day? -ongoing thread

Thank goodness Jane :pray: While no comparison to yours, I think the last 3rd/4th :woman_shrugging: technician was more througher. He replaced a very old thingy where the line entered the house so :crossed_fingers: Orange offered a refund, but was told a good service was more important to us!

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Orange eventually told us that there is a buried line which is too old to repair and this is via the Mairie of Sivignon, our next village as there are houses in two communes which are affected, but Sivignon was more on the ball than our commune of Trivy.
They needed to put up new posts along the D17 and, of course, they had to apply for permission from the Departement to erect them along the road.
No offer of compensation as of yet, but they have kindly offered to repay us all our line rental!

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I have just received a beautiful hand made quilt from my friend in UK.
What a wonderful surprise.


Just an update, Mike. Having spoken to Andrea from Liverpool recently, and Damian from Sheffield before her, I have been able to download a change of address form, print it off, fill it in and post it to Bradford with copies of my Permet de Conduire, Titre de Séjour and proof of address from EDF and a pathetic letter asking them to be kind to a poor old man etc.

So hope they will amend my address. Will keep you in the loop.

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And today it is raining!

Hi Team. Am in the process of moving to a house just outside of Le Dorat. Is there anybody in the area I can “meet” up with to learn the area and find friends? Tks! Will be there at the end of August-early September.

Hi Karina

I have asked on one of your previous posts… please give us your full name… First Name and Last Name…


Karin. Is last name required?

thank you Karin… yes, on registering… it asks for Full Name… :relaxed:

I have amended your Registration as per you other reply…

Thanks! Appreciated.

My gorgeous Border Collie puppy at his breeders in Uk …6 weeks old today and enjoying his first raw chicken wing…:grinning:

(Hoping and praying the border stays open in October…!)


I just had to share this :heart:


We received a call from our new mayor via a English speaker to enquire about our welfare :smile:
Assured us they were there if we needed any help, including shopping, pharmacy etc.
She will call again in two weeks, how nice, gave me a warm feeling :hugs:

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Ahhh…I hope they survive. My other half not too many French words except herisson. Thought if we had a coat of arms it would include an herisson rampant.

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