What has eaten my Ornamental Cabbage?

I have a window box on a ground floor window sill that in the Autumn I planted two ornamental cabbage and grasses. Today I’ve found that something has dug up the cabbage and eaten all the leaves leaving the root on the terrace. Any ideas what this could be? Many thanks.


Even on the ground floor I would have though a rabbit would have a problem getting up into a window box? :thinking:

One thing we definitely do not have in our garden is rabbits, only a ‘pet’ bunn who has his own house & would not lower himself to eat plants!
My thoughts are possibly a squirrel? We have got them around but they usually target the bird feeders. Whatever it is is not fazed at all being so close to the house & I’ve never seen a squirrel that close.

The investigations will continue!
regards T.

This one gave me the fright of my life when it scampered across my kitchen window ledge, so certainly wasn’t afraid of coming close to the house. Then stared back at me quite defiantly :smiley:

Last week we spotted our squirrel eating the buds of our prunus trees. He likes hazelnuts and loves walnuts. I haven’t offered him cabbage…

They are little devils aren’t they - I planted a new fig tree last year and had about 3 figs, all of which got devoured by something before they reached any reasonable size to pick - life in the country, and all it has to offer :smiley: also came across this rather large hole in the bank on the drive the other day - whatever it is must have been quite determined as the ground is quite rocky :astonished:

We had a lot of those in an earth bank on farmland near the house. Eventually someone said badgers?

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Yes indeed, badger makes sense as they would be about the right size to match the hole, and have the ability to burrow through the rocky ground :+1:

You had a lucky escape…

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I think that Pigeons are rather partial to cabbage.

Time to order the shotgun I think!
regards T

If it really is pigeons, I definitely agree. You can’t beat pan-fried pigeon breast with the pan deglazed with red wine :smiley: (I’m talking wood pigeons of course, not the town version!)

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Sounds lovely Angela, I’m still not convinced though, how many pigeons would first dig up the plant out of the window box & then take it across to a flower bed & eat the whole thing before leaving the root on the ground! It seems more like a squirrel with the ‘digging up’ but do they eat cabbage?? I thought it was nuts & seeds they like.
I guess we’ll never know!
regards T

Could be mice, they’ll eat most things!

Squirrels do eat plants… and I suspect that you have the variety which loves Ornamental Cabbage.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you might spot the one I’m talking about… or else, you might hear it. Cabbage (in various forms) often makes the eater fart… :rofl: :rofl:


I heartily agree. Shoot 'em and eat them. It’s the French way after all :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Also, I agree, there’s something sublime about a properly cooked pigeon breast with a red wine sauce :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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