What, if any, licences do i need to sell beer on a market stall?

i’m looking to sell imported beer at a couple of town festivals in france and wondered what licences i might need, who i need to contact and what the cost would be. it would be amazing to get some advice from anyone on here that can help!

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I am sorry I don’t know the answer but I am very interested to know from people that do.

I am considering setting up a micro-brewery and selling on a market is one of the obvious outlets.

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This subject was brought up in May… here is some info:


If you click on the link you get the whole thread. Seems interesting.

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Ask at the foires et marchés bit of your mairie.

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It all depends if our’er selling for consumption on site or takeaway.
I’ll check at work as we organized the fringe side of a jazz festival this year.
I know the exhibitors had to fill in a form for late night opening.

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i would be interested to know for both really so if you find out please let me know

This website is very informative and you can discuss your queries with them.