What insurance is required for elderly visitors

My mother is visiting for christmas for two weeks and is concerned about the cost of travel health insurance .

can any one offer advice on the need for travel insurance travelling to france from the uk .

My mother is 85yrsand at the moment appears in reasonable health though has had bowel cancer and is taking medication for a heart problem,

She has a british EU health card and no negative sytmtoms at present.

Hi Liz,

Thank you for the info, it was most helpful, but she has already taken out travel insurance with, I think she said, Help the Aged at the cost of £200 for her stay, which also covers repatriation if needed (hopefully not!). I am pleased to say we don't have the problem of the house not being warm enough as we live in a 10 year old bungalow, and she has her own en suite!

Hi Wendy

I looked into this as was thinking of taking my 82yo mother out to our house in Limousin for Xmas with us. She has had several falls, one even resulting in travel ins claim and has alzheimers. In the end I decided against it as we would not be able to keep the house warm enough for her - she has heating on even in summer in UK and our bathroom is upstairs!

However I did get a quote for travel insurance from Jade Stanley Ltd in UK, they have web site at jsmedical where you can answer screening questions and get quote; it was about £200 I think. I would try them. Having had the experience of her falling over abroad and having to medivac'd back to UK I would not even think of letting her set off without it. The EHIC card is not enough.