What is a friend/ And how different is a friend from an aquintance?

It would be interesting to have your views.

Yes I have been disappointed several times by people.

Is it liking and trusting and spending time together?


One of my best friends lives outside London and she comes to house/cat

sit once a year, and for a normal visit at least once a year.

She has helped me/us with lots of things and we share laughter and woes,

supporting each other in times of adversity.

We have shared many, many meals together and have holidayed together...

even worked together.

This is choice.....pure choice where family is acceptance and by contract.

What kind of friends do you have Veronique!!!

And would you really enjoy life in prison in order to

assist a frenzied person.

Friendships change.....they evaporate with time.

Friend who can be called at 0300 reliably = insomniac. Therefore do not call between lunch and early evening when he or she will be having a siesta*.

Acquaintance = somebody always having a siesta except when required for gossip.

Neighbour = somebody who mows grass during siestas.

*The friend is certain to claim NEVER to sleep but is guaranteed to be asleep every afternoon, which tolerance among friends does not formally recognise as sleep.

Friend = rings at 3 in the morning to say they have killed somebody. You say don't move I'm coming with spade etc.

Acquaintance = bump into have cup of coffee with & chat but if they ring at 3 am etc etc you go back to sleep.

Neighbour = lives next door to you. You may have to ring a friend at 3am about them.

Well how forgiving do you need to be?
Where is the line?

Why do they do hurtful things when they know it will hurt?
What have you forgiven.......everyone?

Some of us have not the time to wait for 20 years to see people

we care about.

Or do we plan a rendezvous in heaven?

A friend is somebody you can not see for 20 years or more, strike up an unfinished conversation as if there had never been a break then move on to the next thing. Friends are also people you forgive because you know they are fallible.

Simon your list is interesting.

The commanding word seems to be trust.

Every relationship needs it.

It is about knowing someone, sharing their history, present time and

aspirations for the future.

Doug I believe that Estate agents could be wonderful at their job.

We sold in London almost seven years ago and we had our property

on the market with three prominent agents.Not an enjoyable

experience .....speed dating viewings.

In the end I took over the situation and sold privately and that too

was painful. Where there was money there seemed to be a friendship

waiting in the wings for the finale.

A long story is avoided here but ....

In France when we needed to sell in Charente and in Brittany

I sold the properties myself to avoid extra stress.

I am certain that good Estate agents live on.

I had a friend here who recently sold and whilst she

had no buyer I helped her by putting her place on the

map a little. She said "You help me and I will help you!"

Well I was not happy to hear this as I do things to help

friends because that is what friendship is.....there is no

matching price tag.

I think you should qualify your observation to "English Estate Agent"! Most of us here are totally trustworthy, just unloved - you're all jealous of the wonderful job that we enjoy!

A simple guide is as follows.

Close family relation - some one you can talk to about your problems.

relation - some one who can advise you .

friend - some one you can trust.

acquaintance - see occasionaly

neighbour - can you trust them

work mate - someone you trust to help you in your work

occasional work mate - you do not know them.

foreigner - unknown to you

estate agent - totally untrustworthy

banker - a devious person who is try to get as much from you as possible to line their own pockets.

MP - just scum of the earth.