What is a relais receptor telecommande and should I keep it?

I have just bought a place which hasn’t been used for about 20 years. It was a sawmill. The electricity supply is a 26 kW one, monophase 2 fils, and it has the “relais receptor a 4 groupes d’ordre de telecommande” installed beneath the meter. What is it for and should I hang onto it?

Some sort of remote control switching device for energy management.

If the place hasn’t been used for 20 years… I would get the electrics checked out straight away… :wink::relaxed:

Googling around it looks like it was used for driving the jour/nuit switch for the heures pleines/creuses tariff before the that function was integrated into the meters.

If connected in before the meter you probably should not touch it but I would agree with Stella that you should get the whole wiring checked out.

Thank you both. I will of course be getting in an electrician to check it all out - we know we need to replace all the electrics but this box rather had us scratching our heads. I will see what Energis say when they come to connect the bare bones, too!

I very much doubt that you have 26kW on single phase which would give you +/- between 155-120 A on that one phase & the thickness of the wiring required wouldn’t fit household sockets. You are most certainly on 3 phase 400V with the 3 phases split between phase neutral thus giving you between 220-240V even so that will give you +/- 35-40A on anyone phase / circuit. Also be aware as old houses (I bought one, but I know electrics) may have several electrical earths which are not connected to each or none at all (very important to connect all earthing on buildings) .
As suggested get a qualified electrician in, give him / her you electric diagnostic report from when you bought the house.

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