What is going on in Toulouse/Montauban?!

Rather an odd post but I'm tying to come to terms with the fact that there's a raving nutter in Toulouse who has now cold bloodedly killed 8 people (assuming it's the same one) and trying to understand what could possibly make some one act three times now in a matter of days in such, how could they physically bring themselves to carry out the executions, this morning killing a father and his two children and another child. I already have absolutely no faith in any religion and am starting to question having faith in humanity itself! Is the world going mad?

Totally agree Stuart. Chill indeed.

You know what, I think if they both picked up the phone and spoke about the subject it would be much more convivial. It's so easy to be rude when you're not face to face or "voice to voice". I know; I get some real cracking e-mails on a daily basis. Chill people.

"Jane, please go away quietly, "

RUDE. Back off please.


scared she was gonna convert him, lol?? people are so funny. gotta love them.

super answer, thanks

That's actually not just about athiests, in my book, it goes for ANYONE trying to talk from a religious point of view. Religion has no part in any discussion, unless it is about religion itself.Some days I could natter till the cows come home about religion, but others, I have to switch off the computer, on realisation that everyone thinks religion is something that only they understand, and they mustb bring as many people as possible round to their way of thinking.really, I could not care less either, I understand that people have differing beliefs.. accept them, let them live by their faith, and don't interfere.. after all, it's not my business, unless they decide to put it "out there" on the table for discussion, but, in short, I find all religion....is a lie, and hypocritical.

therefore, just as with politics, I go for strange women lying in ponds, giving out swords, both as a political system, and a faith.

much truth in that zoe. it certainly goes for dogmatic atheists. I simply have no gods, otherwise I have strong beliefs that rarely coincide with most atheists...

I was not at all rude, read again carefully. I was, on the other hand, deeply offended by her.

bit far back to know titles exactly. my doctoral supervisor was from vitebsk although he got out in the first months of his life, he had a collection of work on post revolution russia (literally russia, he cared nothing for ukraine, georgia, etc) and cascaded me with readings - even though my research was in south america! it left me with a half-interest. Figes, I have A People's Tragedy and Interpreting the Russian Revolution, both very good.

How Not to Convert an Atheist
Don't tell atheists what they think; let them tell you what they think.
Don't assume that atheists aren't familiar with the beliefs of your religion.
Don't make assertions you're not prepared or willing to defend.
Don't ignore sincere questions
Don't use threats, personal insults, or ad hominem attacks.
Don't try to be an armchair psychologist.
Don't ask atheists to do something for you if you're not prepared to offer the same courtesy in return.
Don't refuse to acknowledge your mistakes.
Don't assume that any one atheist speaks for all atheists.
Don't refuse to consider the atheist viewpoint honestly and seriously.

Yes but equally, there is no need to be rude to Jane. Maybe you can express yourself better?

her 'opinion' is telling people like me what we are, I strongly object to any religious view that does that. perhaps just me, but even so I find it offensive.

Jane isn't "pushing" anything Brian. She is just expressing an opinion.

I have a question... I thought quakers lived without "modern day" appliances.., and grew most of their own food.Are the quakers here like that, or is it a new branch of quakerism.. and henceforth, yet another tangent of xtianity??

Jane, please go away quietly, your preaching truth is becoming offensive like very much religion because it purports to tell truths some of us do not need or want. Leave us to what we chose and have and heed barbara's words well.

Can you stop PUSHING religion down people's throats. I do not believe Christ was anything more than a street preacher who made a big name. Son of god never since belief in such deities is simply primitive superstition. I have not found Christ, do not wish to find Christ and find pushy evangelism unbearably tedious because it is always telling me what I actually believe, have and so on and is offensively wide of the mark. I be;ieve in the potential good of humanity that comes from within and needs no false idolatry. It that is what you have, then keep it kindly to yourself, SFN is not a platform for preaching...

Whatever gave you the impression that people who practice religion are good and kind and even respect their religion?

It depends upon what path you are following and how much freedom you have to follow it. If you are hidebound by dogma you lose sight of where your religion started out.

You do not say what you want to believe in, God, Christ, Allah. Have you never heard of the non-conformists, the Methodists, the Unitarians, the Baptists and the Quakers?

If you have found the light within you, or your space or whatever you call it, then as Quakers we would say that you have found Christ. It is quite possible to follow Christ without belonging to any recognised Christian group. You just have to be quiet and take the time to find the light .

It is organised religion that has let Christ down (to whit at the present time the investigations, yet agin, into the Vatican Bank).