What is happiness?

(Ann Coe) #1

Try clicking on this :slight_smile:

(Graham Lees) #2

(Ann Coe) #3

That takes me back … I always used to buy my dad a pack of those at Christmas !

(Helen Wright) #4

It reminds me of this…


(Ann Coe) #5

Excellent, I love animated films :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #6

Happiness is waking up each morning… :hugs:

(Kit Wells) #7

A man approached Buddha and said, “I want to be happy”. Buddha smiled and shook his head. “To be happy’”, he said, “You must first remove ‘I’ because that is ego, then remove ‘want’ because that is desire. Do this and you are left with happiness”

(Jane Williamson) #8

Wills Whiffs for my dad.

(Peter Goble) #9

Waking up and discovering you’ve got shingles (belt region) is happiness, because during the restless and uncomfortable night I thought my sore and twingy belly might be something much worse! :joy:

(Jane Williamson) #10

Sorry about that, but you have reminded me that it is possible to be vaccinated against it.
Get well soon.

(Peter Goble) #11

Thanks Jane, I’m toying with the idea of wearing one of my wife’s loose-fitting A-line dresses and a pair of silk drawers to go to see the doctor, as I can’t bear :bear: trousers :jeans::point_left::disappointed: touching my sore waistline (what’s left of it).

(Nellie Moss ) #12

Sympathies Peter shingles is a nasty one

(stella wood) #13

Oh Peter… sorry about the shingles… but the thought of you in your wife’s bits and bobs… made me smile…

Hope you feel better soon… xx

(Ann Coe) #14

That’s horrid Peter, my mum once had it in her face and had to have some nerves removed.
Might be an idea to ask your wife to run up a kaftan for you, rather like the ones Demis Rousos favoured.
I actually bought one for my partner and he found it most comfortable .
Hope that you feel better soon :hugs:

(Peter Goble) #15

Thanks everyone for kind thoughts and vestimentary tips @Misty36140 … I popped to the doctors but her waiting room was full of pallid sweaty types whose needs seemed greater than my own, my greatest concern was keeping my loosely secured trousers up… so I came home, there being little the MT can do except tut-tut… and suggest a mild analgesic, dusting of talc, plenty of non-alcoholic fluids… let the shingles tingle and mingle till they disappingle… :joy:

Have added some dots in tribute to @smwsplr, I sometimes read them as softly murmured nyum-nyum-nyums Stella :blush:. Hope they are daintily placed, I’m just learning dotty posts…

(Paul Flinders) #16

I’d have stuck it out in the waiting room and hoped for (or perhaps insisted on) a prescription for some aciclovir -which would reduce the severity and duration of the attack.

The problem being that sometimes the pain from shingles does not subside and sometimes you can get a secondary bacterial infection neither of which are nice.

Assuming that things settle perhaps you should explore whether your doc can arrange for you to have the shingles vaccine?

(Nellie Moss ) #17

In the UK certainly GPs have been prescribing anti viral medication for shingles for years to shorten the length of the illness , reduce its severity and lessen the potential after effects. I have also known friends in France who have received such treatment. I am sure your MT would have liked to have seen you
Added crossed with Paul’s post

(Mark Robbins) #18

I was hospitalised with shingles about 10 years ago, and despite a long and expensive course of antivirals I still got a lot of nerve damage and every so often it flares up again. Definitely not a definition of happiness.

This is though :joy::joy::joy:

(Peter Bird) #19

Happiness is waking up without any serious medical condition.

(Véronique Langlands) #20

Hi Peter, poor you, see if your GP will prescribe some kiné sessions, the kiné can send alternating current along the nerve (just feels tingly) which zaps the virus and sorts out the shingles very effectively :blush: Bon courage!