What is missing

I can cope...well almost with the dramas relating to tax and utility commplications...even the

long piece of red tape which curls along the road from the Maries property to the tax office in

Bordeaux. I can live with the tempermental weather and the near issolation of the countryside.

What do is missing...the inter-reaction...face to face with others who aspire in the culinary world.

Ineed in the developing of.

Developing the tourist trade in my region is totally possible and the benefits could be totally exciting and rewarding.

But the drive is not there...
Where is it?

Who has got it?

Meeting today with friends who have some get up and go...

Just thought of a good idea...will address it.

Happy cooking.

Le Bugue down to Buisson camping and its like was moribund last year, its is worse this year with the weather. The area appears to be dying touristically, especially French tourists...

Professionally that is not France, it is the entire world. Worrisome.

I can certainly second that Brian, that's what's pushing us into making such big changes in our professional and private lives. I think it's something about France, nearly all my OH's colleagues can't believe she's jumping before being pushed (the head is finally doing the same but it's way too late to save now), they're all simply waiting for closure and will panic then...! Tourism has been shot in the foot by one of the wettest, dullest, cloudiest Aprils on record followed by pretty rubbish holiday weekends in may. We're all off cycling in the Pyrénées next weekend with the club and got a fantastic deal on accommodation and food by booking en masse, will let you know what the occupancy level is like (it was very busy same weekend last year when we were cycling in your neck of the woods - stayed at a complex near Le Bugue but could be a whole lot quieter this year, everyone's skint!)

My OH and I are having it with our profession too, it is sadly universal.

Yes I THINK THAT THERE is problem with tourism...this year

Everyone is scared to spend money...EVERYWHERE and this is a big problem.

Nothing grows it just whithers and dies.

Yes, by and large absolutely.Twee Dorset b'n'b style by Laura Ashley clones has little to offer in originality.

For all of that I know two places that have failed with very talented chefs and a nice eating venue, don't know about accomodation at either but I am sure they paid attention to detail. There is something wrong with tourism this year, it does not affect me but it does people I know and they are worried.

One of the things which is wrong is that all the Gites and many B and Bs are sadly so sad, dull, basic and please

do not misunderstand me I DO N OT EXPECT EVERYONE to spend great sums on interior design but where is

the sense of style, the imagination?

Every gite seems to look the same?

We are doing ok because we are putting some effort in and we have created a special place

to stay...even if Sawdays does not agree!!!!
ah and we can cook....AND it seems that most places which offer food in restaurants can

not cook. I said most...not all.

Thank goodness this is the spot for weddings and we have neighbours 3 AND 12 km who are wedding

Queens. ....famous in London and Dublin for their very Chic venues...one is Darcy Bussles family chateau.

So yes pop up restaurant...more work but I can not keep still....
why should I?

barbara I am not so far from you, beyond bergerac then lalinde. When we are out and about we are noticing how many small hotels/ b and bs and restaurants are up for sale, closed even. My OH does immoblier part time, she is getting gites by the heap, people are giving up and clearly do not say why. We are near the Compostella pilgrimage route, all the prehistoric stuff including Lascaux and Rouffignac, cities and towns that make people gasp so what is wrong? Campsites would normally have had plenty of caravans and campers this week, nothing much as we saw yesterday. Something is very wrong. Have the tourist people cut back or something? Something is definitely very wrong...