What is the best France TV news channel?

I note the the French news station, CNews, has had it’s Managing Director fined 5000 Euros as part of the Zemmour race hate trial conviction - on the basis that it’s station policy is to do the same.

I tend to watch BFM TV News, firstly to help improve my language skills as I wake up with a cup of coffee every morning, and secondly to get ahead on French news. I have often wondered if it is similar to CNews, mainly as it often has items on Zemmour or le Penn.

So, I wonder which French news channel do you think is most balanced and informative?

Listen to France Inter or France Info instead :slightly_smiling_face:


C News is scum…

In the mornings it’s radio usually france inter. In the evening I skip between France 3 local version, and other news programmes depending on how I feel. Tv5monde, france info, france 24 etc etc

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France Info all the way. Scrupulously balanced, dedicated to objective truth, and always informative about news from home and abroad. Interviews with experts to ‘éclairer’ various pertinent subjects, sections scrutinising various politicians’ claims and even a regular section analysing political rhetoric, which I love. This is on the radio anyway, but I think a lot of it is simulcast on TV. On the radio version in the morning they always manage to balance presenting all the morning’s news with keeping it light.

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I do listen to France Inter when in the car, France Info I’ll go to. I also like the local news magazine programmes.

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France 24 news is really good, it’s news and analysis for grown-ups. I love how they seldom interview politicians, but instead (unlike Gove and his ilk) prefer the opinions and analyses of experts on the subject. Also it’s far more international than other media. I like to catch the morning news bulletin in English and then switch to Fr 24’s French channel which has similar coverage, but with a different presenter, so it helps my French listening.

Lastly , their evening Opinion programme is superb, it’s where several informed commentators from different cultures discuss in a very civilised manner, an aspect of international current affairs.

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Just want to say that I had a nice morning wake up with France Info on channel 27 - thanks all!


goto is bfmtv but flick between LCI, France Info and watch TF1 and France 2 et 3 for wider viewpoint, France Info in the car :wink:

For TV news I choose mostly FranceInfo - Regarder l'info tv en direct. France info and France Inter in the car. In particular, not CNews or BFMTV.

Same about BFMTV Fleur. The single lounge in Toulouse Airport has BFMTV permanently on large TV screens on there. They seem to have a 20-45minute cycle. Then they repeat same news with not much added. It’s irritating and reminds me of CNN which is also found on a lot of sceens in lounges.

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I quite like BFMTV, though my French is not good enough to pick out the spin. Late in the evening they have a discussion programme which is interesting. FranceInfo seems to have the same cyclical thing as BFMTV during the day.

This is useful: En ce moment TV - Grille télé des programmes TV de maintenant

Hello everyone, quite a bit of consensus. I don’t know it but I expect there are some historic affiliations to the political parties for some programmes (France 2, etc are national tv). Much like the newspapers. BFM started out as a financial news channel and tends to focus on that. Like France Info they tend to repeat a lot over the day. RMC? has a kind of platform style morning show that I quite like. Also France Inter is good. At the moment mostly listening to economist daily podcast when (and if) commuting.

I like to check my Franc Bleu app. It has a lot of local news.

What apps are people using to listen to radio programmes? I looked into TuneIn but it seemed their choice had very much reduced.

France Info, Euronews in French, France 24