What is the French Economic Problem?


BBC article on French Economy, Unemployment and government efforts to change...

Very accurate assessment. As an employer, I can confirm that labour laws restrict taking people on, even when you're ready to employ and offer a job, for many it's not wrth working because they "earn" more than the smic they're offered in allocs...!

Odd how the unemployment figures and the state of the economy have improved just a year before the presidential election. But then I'm a professional cynic (aka journalist).

France is in an economic mess, it has been for ages thanks to inappropriate policies by successive governments. Hollande stated recently he wouldn't be seeking re election if the dole queues didn't shorten. He also stated in january, and this is after a few years of doing his utmost to ignore trends elsewhere and by taking similar measures, to make unemployment his priority. Coincidence or what ??

The Finance Minister and some say, President Elect has been stirring things lately so most of us are waiting for a leadership battle to give the PS at least a fighting chance in the coming election. PM Valls has remained silent, respecting his position but i don't know how long he will remain in the shadows..

Is Macron just playing or is he really going to have a go? He seems to be the only one who talks economic sense!

Perhaps if Christine Lagarde falls on her sword over the various issue besetting her at the moment, Emmanuel Macron will seek the challenge of an international stage...

Both are highly competent.

Macron is serious, his profile has been boosted by the PR bods for a reason.

One notable oversight in this BBC overview is the excessive influence of the French unions. Totally unreasonable, aggressive behaviour is being shown on TV bulletins as perfectly normal. The French has never got to grips with the unions - they will pay for this dearly because the unions will prevent the much needed labour reforms from seeing the light of day.

Maybe because he is the only viable candidate the PS can field at the present time. Valls is eminently viable but might being held back by the poor performance of his boss.

If the unions lived off the cotisations of their members then they'd die a rapid death. While the system continues to pay them enormous amounts of money they'll continue to foutre le bordel and nothing will change, unfortunately!

True enough Andrew.

As it happens, the BVA opinion polls have just released the popularity figures for april. Not good reading if you are a Hollande fan as he drops down to 19% which is just about as low as he can get one would think. Valls went up two points to 30% but the clear frontrunner in the PS is our old mate Ernest Macron who is now up to 44%. I wonder when the President will realise he's dragging his party down even further each month and do the decent thing ?

Juppé heads the Republican challenge with 50% of the votes.