What is this and what should I do with it!

Got this in the AMAP box this week, what is it please!

Not often done in France, but these can be cut into chips and deep fried (instead of potatoes) also can be roasted. Saw this on Countryfile a while ago and tried it with great success!

You can eat it raw. Grate it (as you would carrots) then add half mayo (or Heinz salad cream)/half crème fraîche 15% fat, coleslaw style.

Thanks, over on Facebook they're talking about grating it into mayo, sounds nice too. Would it be good in coleslaw raw or does it need a bit of cooking first?

this is celeriac and it is absolutely delicious like this:

Cut equal size amounts and sizes of carrots, potatoes and celeriac. Boil them in the same time and when ready mash and mix with creme fraiche or cream.

Eat with lots of individual toad in the holes made in a muffin tray and gravy


Even better mashed with carrots.

its celeriac lovely mashed with potatoes ......very low in calories too

Yep, it's celeriac, try making remoulade ...delish and as Sarah says lovely with mashed spud and grilled or fried fish!

Looks like celery root (celeri rave). Goes very well mixed into mashed potato, or roasted.

Does it smell of celery?