What is this white bug / butterfly / mini bird?

We have an amazing totally white thing on the back door. Any ideas what it is? About 3cm across.


They’re common in the UK, though I have no idea about the name.

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Never seen one here. In Oz we tend to have huge scary black things flying about :rofl:

Pterophorus pentadactyla (white plume moth in UK)
It seems that here in France they are known as “petit ange de nuit” which I think is a lovely description… and they lay their eggs on bindweed, which is subsequently munched by the larvae…


As @Stella suggests it is a Pterodactyl

@toryroo Be careful though as they can grown up to about 11m - they are quite rare though as not seen for a while in these parts. Unlikely that one of these will scare you given that you come from the land where every creature wants to kill you!


I have one here tonight!

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That’s nine! It’s flown over to your place :heart_eyes:

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