What is this wriggly thing?

Sorry, not very clear but as good as I could get by zooming in without distorting the image. Not an earthworm and not even sure if it is meant to be there or has fallen in. If the latter it is doing well, This is the 2nd day.

If you find it again take it out the water to get a better photo shot. Looks like as described wiggly thing


No idea… but to me it looks like a tiny fish or eel… certainly looks happy enough in the water…

Flatworm, some sort of playthelminth probably

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OK, I have a few stills which improve the situation I think, if necessary I have a couple of videos, not processed yet, also.

Retractable nose with 2 antennae(?)
Segmented body
Tapering tail
Seems happier in water than out of it.
Frills along the side, underside.

Looks like this to me, could it be a member of the same family?

It will grow up to be this

Definitely that Vero, I have a short vid processing at the moment, will link it when it is done. Can’t read the writing on your link so will go and read it first hand. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought it looked more white/light in the first video… be interesting to see more… :thinking: amazing what turns up in ponds etc…

Here we are, the severe drought reduced this sun-drenched pond to a boggy marsh, now nearly full again I am looking for signs of life. This is the first customer.

great scott … it’s turned black… (reckon I was looking at the wrong wriggler…)

strikes me there’s a lot of fun… having a pond… I wonder if an old sink might work as a miniature… ??? :thinking:

Bet you say that to all the boys Stella :wink:

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I do find it fascinating, marbled newts by the dozen, frogs, not so many recently, boatmen, skimmers, the horrific larvae of the then glorious dragonflies and, of course, the small snake that lives between the rocks.

Birds come down to drink and once we even had a giant heron land to try his luck. He never came back, no fish, everything in it arrived by itself. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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:joy: love it.

It looks like a type of leach (leech?). I thought it was write at first. Normally in moving water. Do not let it attach itself…

Leeches are super cool fascinating and useful creatures, they breed them for the graft section of the hand hospital in Bordeaux, special germfree leeches, because they keep the blood flow going in the sewn-back-on bits. There’s a lot of demand because now everyone has pneumatic secateurs for the vendanges there’s even more finger chopping-off.

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Could be medicinal then? :astonished:

What a shame I put it back wriggling in its natural habitat. I will of course recognise it later when a soldier fly buzzes up and salutes me. :laughing:

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