What is this?

Has anyone else recieved a demand for contribution from the Association paritaire des commerces de detail non -alimentaire. I have been an AE for about six years and never had one before.

Are you sure it is an official demand…

You’ve probably read all this, but if not…


there are other sections on this website which may clarify why you are being contacted.

Hope this helps…

I have read it I still don’t understand what the organisation is or does, I don’t actually earn any money as an AE. Am I obliged to send it back?

Hi Andy… righto… take whatever paperwork you have received… and discuss this at your Mairie… ask them if it is a legitimate request and do they have any idea why you have received this demand…

Our Mairie is always helpful (don’t forget we do pay their wages)… and I would hope that your Mairie will be helpful too.

Thanks Stella I will take in in, I’m tempted to but it in the bin it’s not anything governmental.

Andy… don’t bin it.

If it is a scam… the Mairie will be interested to know about it.

If it is genuine… you must find out why it has only now dropped on your lap after 6 years as AE…

Is it a clerical error ?? or is there some new regulation that makes you liable to pay ??

best of luck… and let us know how you get on.

Hi Andy,

It’s a scam. There are a lot of “unions” that try to lure autoentrepreneur and small entreprise into joining them.
Just ignore it.




As we have discussed… this may well be a scam… but these days scams come flooding in via emails more often than on paper. Hence my original advice… which still stands.

However, one question: Is the document specifically addressed to you?? and does it contain any personal info ie Siret/Siren etc

It would be useful for me if you could scan and post a photo here(hide your info if you wish) I am the first port of call for local Brits and any scam will not home in on just one person (ie you).

I would be glad to have some advance warning of what may be dropping through local letterboxes…

I had more or less come to the conclusion that it is a scam to get AE’s join an association, it does contain my Siret number name etc but I think this information is readily available. Will scan it and post it tomorrow. Thanks for your help I’m not usually bothered by this sort of stuff but this did get me a bit worried.

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Yes, you post it and I’ll check it out. ( I’m in the Mairie tomorrow afternoon)

Hi Stella, Andy,

I also received the APCDNA letter and wanted to know if you sorted this out.
Is it a scam ?


I have not yet received the APCDNA letter from Andy… so have not been able to pursue this matter.

On their Website, it does tell you what to do if you have received a demand in error…but without seeing the letter I cannot say if this is relevant.

Really do need to see the letter… then I will pursue it and get a definitive answer…

Can you post your full name please… :relaxed: