What job do you do in France

(Mat Davies) #1

I am very interested to know what job SFN members do in France.
Are you employed or self-employed?
Is it full or part time (<25 hours/week)?
What job did you do before moving to France?
Do you have multiple jobs?
Are you a pensioner, and if so do you also work?

Thank you

(Timothy Cole) #2

Self-employed, do more hours per week than in UK but love the flexibility of being your own boss. Only real downside is the Tax/NI costs which keep going up.

(anon71231711) #3

Are you employed or self-employed? Self-employed
Is it full or part time (<25 hours/week)? Full time
What job did you do before moving to France? Same range of activities, slight change of focus
Do you have multiple jobs? Not sure what you mean by this but the answer is probably No
Are you a pensioner, and if so do you also work? Not a pensioner

(Andrew Hearne) #4

I’m a buraliste, I own and run a tabac with my otherhalf and an employee. Way more than full time, I used to teach languages (IUT, Lycée and CCI - having British and French qualifications helps!) and translate, at that time I was freelance/indépendant. I taught for a year in the UK after doing my PGCE but had done soooooo many other jobs in the UK before that!

What next, who knows what with the paquets neutres, un mois sans tabac and all the augmentations. Add to that le marché parallèle and perhaps we’re ready for a change…!

(David_Naylor) #5

@james why does my post have to be at least 5 characters?

(James Higginson) #6

It helps promote valuable discourse, and reduces spam

(David_Naylor) #7

I knew the answer :smirk: I just needed a few more characters to allow my post to go. Thank you

(James Higginson) #8

Were you about to answer @Mat_Davies in five characters? :wink:

(James Higginson) #9

I’ll bear that in mind next time you ask me a question @David_Naylor

(David_Naylor) #10

@james that’s why you’re the boss, i hadn’t thought of that little trick.

(Paul Turpin) #11

Are you from the Government…?

(Mat Davies) #12

I can confirm I am absolutely not from the government, I am simply trying to work out what jobs expats have in France to help me with decisions when considering the move to France permanently.

If you are at all concerned with divulging such information, simply don’t provide it.

(James Higginson) #13

I’m sure @Paul_Turpin was joking :slight_smile:

(Mat Davies) #14

@james I did think the same - but just trying to be clear.

(Thanks for editing the title earlier - such keying errors of capitalisation and spelling annoy me also)

(Mandy Davies) #15

In the UK I was a Tax Adviser at Manager level working for a firm of accountants. I am a qualified accountant (ACCA) and a Chartered Tax Adviser. When I came to France I was told that my qualifications weren’t transferable and it would be nearly impossible for me to get a job here. And so it proved. Living in a very rural area means that there is very little work anyway and French people will always be given priority.

Anyway, a few years ago it became absolutely necessary for me to earn some money so now I am cleaning holiday villas on changeover day during the holiday season, from March to October. The rest of the year I am unemployed.

The moral of this little story is that if you have UK qualifications you should check that they are transferable if you want to rely on them in France. I know this applies to various other industries as well.

(anon54681821) #16

Not sure why you be interested but here goes.

I am self employed I have my own Pet sitting business that is doing extremely well because of my business model and the wonders of the internet and Live feeds to owners to see their dogs on holiday. 60% English speaking of many countries and around 40% french nationals (many of those also speak english but not all)

Defo full time its a 7 day a week job (i love it ) 7am to 10 or 11pm and even then the dogs are with me all night too.

Before i moved to france i worked in Mental health and before that I was a tech manager.

No multiple jobs as no time.

Not a pensioner.

(Katherine Sneddon) #17

I work in a private household cleaning. I chose to live in Blois as it is commutable to Paris should this job not work out. For ten years I was a seasonaire in the mountains working English contracts. This is my first experience of leading a more normal life in France. The one thing I am having to learn is the tax system. There are things to pay at different times. I have only been here since August so this is the learning year! From what I know, which is nowhere near as much as others on this site, impĂ´t is the tax biggie! Might be worth looking into to help you plan! I must say though as painful as it is getting into the French systems it is worth it! The quality of life certainly eases the stings!

(James Higginson) #18

Live feeds, genius idea!

(anon71231711) #19

Off topic, but you must be earning a lot if you’re expecting income tax to be your biggie! For most of us, it’s the social contributions.

(Jonathan Badger) #20

Self employed electrician working largely on renovating rural properties but do the odd new build i.e. hours as necessary. Recently have tried to cut down on work commitments but semi-retirement doesn’t seem to happen. I will finish my own house renovation one day…
Prior to starting the entreprise I was a feelance stage lighting technician & production electrician, with a couple of brief full time positions in production management. I also ran a production services company specialising in mainly classical outdoor concerts.
Before being freelance I worked in repertory & touring theatres at various levels in the electrics/lighting departments. Trained originally at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
I still return to my previous skill set once a year as the area site manager for one of the major stages at a major music festival in the UK.
I’m 58 next February so have another 4+ years before I get a French pension & 9 before a UK one.