What legal structure should my business be?

I am about to make the move back to my preferred "home". The first time around was slightly forced upon me and so never really got to grips with what i was going to be doing and so ended up returning to the UK without getting immersed in the business side of anything. The reality was the money ran out and so that forced the move back.

Now it is time to go for it in a different way totally. Doing it because i want to and now have more knowledge about all the various parts of the business. And of course some reasonably secure financial backing for a longer period.

Having read lots recently about all the various types of legal structures there are for either small business or self employed people i am utterly confused!

The plan has several enterprises and briefly they are:

  1. An art gallery, gallerie EcosseD'Oc

  2. 3 bedrooms for B&B

  3. An artist studio to rent

  4. Placement of art in offices/homes etc

  5. An architecture, urban design and interiors design service

Now the problem is should all of this come under the umbrella of 1 company or should they all be separate entities?

The other main issue is Tax in France or can it be Tax in UK!!!!

Any advice or where to go to get it in English much appreciated.