What makes Britain Great

There is a lot of negative comments about the youth of today in the UK but here's a news item from our ex- local BBC radio station that shows that there are a couple of young chaps who have got off the sofa and gone out to work.On the day that statistics were released that showed more people had employment than ever before, the media was determined to put a negative spin on the news. Maybe this item should have been featured on the main BBC bulletins.

A few years ago there was a political rumpus when the MP Norman Tebbitt said that people should get on their bikes and look for work.

Witham teenage pair dig in to beat jobs queues-
Two unqualified teenagers who bucked the unemployment trend by setting up a business are now recruiting other young people.

Nathan Wood and Ryan Kempen left school two years ago with very few qualifications, so they got on their bikes with one shovel, a fork and one rake to go on to establish a thriving gardening business.

A cheering news item finally - thank you for that Neil. Now they are the sort of people I applaud showing initiative, determination and pride. Lovely stuff.