What makes older men in France so negative?

what makes older men living in France so negative?

Some of them seem to have a problem when others are trying

to make things happen?

Well you know what they say Shirl. " Femmes au boulot, hommes au bistro"

Good morning to you all. Even to those of you who think that France is dying.

Is this not Survive France network?

Well we were driving back from Libourne a couple of days ago and the sun was

showing off her new spring glow. We spotted a sign which was to direct us to a

new restaurant.....yes, our search lead us to a pretty looking property and a

friendly young chef owner who had trained in Scotland and Paris.

He showed us around the restaurant and hotel and I smiled at Jonathon and

expressed my appreciation of this attention to detail....really attractive


I hope that this place is a huge success.

You need to be brave in the country....

The only thing negative about this old fart is his blood group;-)

Thank you VĂ©ro. Unfortunately too few Anglos have any real idea of what is the situation locally.

Not at all Barbara, I just think anyone wanting to set anything up here needs to be realistic.

No more than you do Keith but I just can understand the logic of

"Nothing can work here in France"

Here we go.

St Foy La Grande is not the place to start a business.....Not my suggestion as far as

Can remember.

Yes it is difficult to make things happen but Mr Herne you opened a tobac?
Keith most men are lost without their woman.

David you enjoy being rude.

Norman .....what experience are you referring to?

Veronique do you suggest that I should be devoid of ideas and



and realism ;-)

Its not negativity , its experience.....................

Ste Foy is a pretty deprived place Barbara - there isn't the seed money for most locals to set up dynamic businesses and there isn't really a market for popup restaurants and cupcakes (to quote David) simply because people haven't got any spare cash and the red-tape involved makes things seem impossible to do. My pupils are very aware of the fact that their future is likely to be bleak and know that they will have to go elsewhere if they are to get anything but the grimmest type of job. Many of them live in homes where nobody has or has had anything but a seasonal labouring job, ever. One of the hardest parts of my job is getting them to see that there are alternatives.

Skeptical I would say Barbara not negative. I'm never quite sure what you want to see happening. You seem to think that the local economy needs a boost. Maybe it does but I doubt that it will get it from "popup" restaurants and cupcakes. There's ample opportunity for you to make things happen in a town like Ste Foy la Grande if you wanted to. But then you see us skeptics would say that there are less than 2000 people living in Ste Foy and a majority of them are in straightened financial circumstances according to M Provain the maire. The tourist season brings some additional money into the town but only lasts at most three months. In Pineuilh a large scale producer distributor of "bio" prunes has just failed even with an annual turnover of 10M euros. The area is enjoying a very slow depopulation as wine production becomes even less labour intensive and the young sensibly head for Higher Education and the city.

I'm always trying to make things happen, it just isn't what other people want or are interested in by and large, or only perhaps theoretically as long as it doesn't actually require doing anything.