What on Earth triggers this kind of behaviour?

I honestly have no idea…

Some years ago…there was a spell when “kids” and all sorts… would chuck rocks etc off of bridges, into the oncoming traffic… WHY… “for kicks”

For the ambulance incident to happen at their home (presumably)… makes me wonder if the kids were high on something… :thinking:

but what is the attraction in abuse/destruction… I have absolutely no idea… :unamused::unamused:

It’s the heat David…
30 degrees C and the the country falls apart… the roads melt, 31 degrees yesterday and the roof of a public building started to melt!
Be pensioners next filling up trolleys in casualty and ‘bed blocking’.

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Probably because they were’bored’.
These are the type of kids who need something worthwhile to do.
Obviously, they have no good parental examples.
It does seem that a generation has got lost.

Sadly it’s more than one generation, at least two. The parents have to be held responsible in some part for their lack of parenting / discipline / teaching right from wrong.


I really cannot help but think that the idea that competition was wrong is also partly to blame and that the general dumbing down in our culture is coming home to roost.

You could probably tie this in nicely with the thread about national service

French or English Jane?

English, the French do try and avoid the worst of America.
All these video games with their culture of glorifying violence are at last seeming to be recognised for their affect on young people.
Kids in sink estates see that they can make more mo ey from drugs that legal employment, so their is no incentive to learn.