What percentages on top up insurance?

We are now in the position of receiving our attestations from CPAM, and Carte Vitales are on the way!

Now the minefield of top up insurance. I have been on numerous comparison sites and obviously the costs vary dramatically on the level of cover that you want.

I would love to get a feel for what members regard as required in the way of percentages i.e. do we need 200,300 or 400% for hospital cover?etc etc.

We are 55 and 60, pretty good health, both on permanent repeat prescriptions and wear glasses, though not averse to getting eyes tested then buying from someone like glasses direct.

I realise that this is a big ask, as the unexpected can always happen, but a guide to get us started would be appreciated.


Same same.

We have been looking at a hospital only plan with 400%. This comes in at 476 euros for us both. However, the explanation for the 400% worries me. Apparently we need it because of specialist Doctors who are outside the system.

I trust our agent but want to explore the costs for 100 - 300% first.