What permission 😤

We are rebuilding our crumbling gable end from inside and secure roof ! and have permission . We are then removing the gable end and will recycle where can as the wood is on its last legs. Then rendering to match back and maybe add wood for effect . Anyway on looking through paperwork i have read you require another form to demolish anything . We have permission to build including a drawing of end result to me this would need removing gable end .
We have not been asked for ‘permis de demolir’ , and do we need a ‘Declaration dachevement des travaux’ at the end , do others do all this ? Thank you .

A permis de démolir (if required) is usually applied for at the same time as the permis de construire, unless things have changed.
I would ask at the Mairie.

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Much as Peter says…

go to your Mairie armed with all the Paperwork/Permits you have… and ask them what’s what.

Friends doing similar were informed as it was a replacement no permit to demolish was required. This obviously may change if you are close to a historic site and they stick their noses in.
Looking forward to hearing your official reply.

Guessing photos of the existing might help to have handy when you drop in too

My permis de construire which was approved by the maire, included the demolition of 2 substantial outbuildings. A separate permis de démolir was not required.

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