What’s your favourite expression?


(Catharine Higginson) #1

A couple of things have popped up recently on SF which have got me wondering…

What do YOU say? Or rather, what’s your favourite expression? In French or English?

I say ‘touch wood’ all the time - my mum says ‘do as you would be done by’ and James says ‘don’t put your arse where you put your bread and cheese’ !!

Over to you…

(Nellie Moss ) #2

Kill two birds with one stone

(Mat Davies) #3

Bemusement - it seems to be the most common expression on my face!

(Graham Lees) #4

come the revolution…

(Jane Williamson) #5

At the moment it comes from The Mikado, “I’ve got a little list”.

(Mark Robbins) #6

At the moment, its the long version of ffs

(Mark Robbins) #7

Normally after OH says “I’ve had a thought” :thinking:

(Peter Goble) #8

“I must have put it somewhere…” :thinking:

(Helen Wright) #9

That’s mine too…I don’t think I have ever used it as much as I have done this past year…x :smile:

(Paul Flinders) #10

No 1 son has “discovered” Trapdoor which reminds me that “Oh Globbits” was a favourite for a while.

Apparently that term is now significantly less innocent than when Willie Rushton voiced it in 1984.

(Ann Coe) #11

Very similar to you and Mark though at the moment mine is more like wtf !

(Peter Goble) #12

Hmm, this sinister evolution of Globbits is making me nervous. I am often called Globe, Gobble, Goebbels, and Globbit is too close for comfort. Please will someone stobbit? :scream:

  • My insert in the quote above from @pdf

(Ann Coe) #13

My French partner’s expression lately seems to be ‘you were talking, I can’t concentrate on two things at the same time, so it’s your fault that’ …
a) I forget to put (whatever) in the oven or get (whatever) out of the fridge
b) I forgot to put (whatever) on my shopping list, also the shop’s fault that it has changed its rayons so I cannot find what I am looking for.
c) when I’m driving I can’t find my cruise control !
Men !! :rofl:

(Timothy Cole) #14

Favourite but rarely used - ‘you’re right Tim’.:wink:

(Peter Goble) #15

You’re right Tim. Have that one on me! :blush:

(Ann Coe) #16

Oh I forgot that one, Tu as raison’ :rofl:

(Jane Jones) #17

In french, ça marche…with many different intonations and add-ons. In english i’ve recently got stuck on “you’re not as green as you’re cabbage looking”. One of my mother’s favorites which has resurfaced in my mind.

(Peter Goble) #18

Since we came to France my wife has seriously called me to order over my excuses for not listening to her properly, and I’ve had to sit up and take notice. And climb down from my high horse, after nearly fifty years together as a couple. It hasn’t been a primrose path (the French project) but is has injected our relationship with a stiff dose of new reality, and we both welcome that.

I think this is not a rare occurence when couples retire to France. Our house seems to have been the graveyard of not a few ‘expat’ couples, although this issue is not much discussed in the rosy literature of migratory adventure.

It does coincide with the recent #metoo exposées and the long-overdue reappraisal of male attitudes to women, including mysogeny and paternalism. This has been a recurrent theme in several SFN threads over the past years, which is in itself a strength of the platform in more ways than one.

I think SFN has been as significant a factor in reshaping my worldview as any in my adult life, and of course that includes our relocation to France. I think it may be true of others who appear here, but that’s just an intuition, reading between the lines, so to speak.

(Peter Goble) #19

Not exactly my favourite, but it’s growing on me…

“I’m sorry. I was wrong about that.” :neutral_face:

(Mark Robbins) #20

Another favourite/used too much these days😥
Je m’en fous/fiche