What scam emails have you been receiving?

My OH has just received this email… he’s chuffed that this lady thinks he is young enough to have a Student Debt…BUT…:roll_eyes:

"Hey there,

I hope this message reaches you in time.

The President has just released a new plan to help citizens with student debt.

You may be able to eliminate all your student debt.

Go here to find out more. (this doesn’t cost a thing)

Or call us at 1-855-383-6339 for no obligation information

We are open for calls within the times below:

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri : 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
(all times Eastern)

It’s estimated 33 Million qualify for this new plan.

Take Care,

To stop:
http://securepageme.com/stop " I would not advise anyone going to the unsubscribe site… no,no, thrice times no…:anguished:

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I keep getting emails telling me that my male private parts aren’t big enough. I’m very upset by this, In the 47 years I have been on this planet, no one has ever complained about them…^^ points to name^^


Natasha from Russia has seen my photo online and thinks I’d make a good husband.


At least you can have a go at a relationship with Natasha. I’ve got no hope as I’ve got this…size…issue…

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Apparently, I should be claiming my free trial of “Maximum Strength Male Enhancement”…Haha, obviously totally unnecessary…

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Fake Paypal websites via Le Bon Coin.

I_Think_l’m_In_The_Wrong_Forum.Com :smiley:

Here’s one I received this morning. I’ll just use water with a soup soupçon of washing up liquid in future…

I prefer the one that points out you should wash your hair with dishwasher powder because whereas shampoos add body dishwasher products remove fat so it keeps your hair clean and acts as a slimming aid.
Thinking about it perhaps it was a joke not a scam.:slight_smile:

This is a fairly standard one that we seem to get for Apple, PayPal, Amazon etc

With Respect,

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx

For your protection, your account is automatically locked.
We have prevented an unusual transaction attempt on your Apple account. This may have been because you’re signing in from a new location or from a different device. Please review the sign in details below:

Country: Mexico
Date and time: October 15 2017
IP Address:
Operating System: Chrome/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3_2 like Mac OS X)
AppleWebKit/602.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/12.0 Mobile/12A19 Safari/603.1
Support team detect unauthorised person has accessed
your account and now your account access has been locked for security measures, you must update your account information and reset your account password info.

If you do not update your account within 24 hours (from opening this email) it will be Temporary Locked.

Thank you for your comprehension.
Apple Support Team.

TM and copyright © 2017
All Rights Reserved / Privacy Policy / Apple Support / Unsubscribe from future surveys

You advise against going to the unsubscribe site, but you have peaked my interest…
What happens if you do???

Hi there… it asks you for your email address etc etc… :anguished:

I get these, almost invariably accompanied by one to ‘cover my funeral expenses’ - at 77-years old the mind boggles!

Received this today. They are called Cannabis Gummy Chewables.

Make a nice change from wine gums…

Bet its not legal here though, bit of a shame!

Just received this one…fairly standard

Prix de 980 000 USD pour vous dans la promo de Microsoft en cours en Amérique. votre identifiant d’email tombe parmi le tirage au sort. pour envoyer une demande,





via l’agent de réclamation: msncla@outlook.com

M. Ford:


Alcohol, the new diet craze. I don’t need to lose any weight but I’ll have another glass just to be sure.

Hi Chris
It appears to give a healthy glow to the skin too… must be red wine :wink: Cheers

Netsafe now have an AI email bot that automatically replies to scam emails, effectively re-scamming the scammer and wasting their time with lots of questions. You just forward the scam email to me@rescam.org and they can even send you a summary of any conversations with the scammer.
Not tried it yet, but anyone else seen this or tried it out?

Thanks Mark…Interesting to hear about Netsafe…

sounds a bit like leaving the phone line “open” on a bogus caller… just waste their time/money not ours… :joy:

Sounds like fun. Might just give it a try.