What the heck IS that?

Any green thumbs out there? There is this fuzzy white stuff on my indoor flower pot? Anyone know what it is and should I be concerned about the plant?

Bit of moisture seeping through the pot and leaving salt deposits most probably - if you wipe a finger over it does it come off and feel salty (i.e small crystals)?

If not could be fungal hyphae but I’ll put my money on mineral deposits.

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Yes, Paul, all part of the aging process of the garden pot.

@michael_archer Thank you gentlemen for your replies. No Paul - there is no salty residue - could it be mould? I have a high humidity house although it hasn’t happened to 2 other pots. (But the 2 others require less water.) Can that be harmful to the plant eventually? Should I transplant it to a ceramic glazed pot instead? I didn’t know flower pots “aged” Michael but then I guess everything does in the end, yes?:wink: