What time is the end of the world?

Can anyone tell me?

I'll be driving back from Paris on December 21 and I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it...the end of the world I mean.

There's been plenty of warning about the date, but I've not read anything about the exact time.

Can anyone help out...please.

Look Johnny, missing a trick aren't you. Just look in that vast great book that will have loi, decrée, etc for end of the world, make an appointment to see the lowest ranking official serving M. Hulot, the Minister for the End of Worlds, and somewhere between the two you will get an answer, or two, or three but not one that is exactly what is really meant because nobody has actually ever got round to deciding that. Anyway, whatever time you are told, it will be late! C'est ça!

I'm playing it safe - answering my work emails and sending out a few Christmas cards.


Now you gotta laugh! Somebody started an online action and people from all over the Dordogne, indeed from other parts of France, converged on La Douze, about 30kms from us for The gendarmerie sent 12 cops to look after traffic and so on. Every restaurant place was booked according to the radio news, I believe I picked up one of the restaurants offered a set menu for €12.

Gotta be joking Pete, NOTHING happens in France after 1200!

Actually, not much after 1400 which is too close to afternoon break, which is too close to time to stop (not) working as well. Maybe it will just miss France and then the French will be the centre of the world, indeed they will be the entire world except for guests like ourselves ;-)

hopefully its not 12.12 today 12/12/12

Not sure either Johnny but the Maire of Bugarach might know. However, he too seems to be somewhat in the dark as he has asked for police help to block the roads into the village from tomorrow or the next day. As we are just one hour from there, I was wondering if we might get any B&B bookings!

Just noticed today is 12-12-12. :-)

Not between 12pm and 2pm in France. Oh hang on, it’s a Friday, so you should be safe up until 3pm.