What to do for New Years Eve?

Hi Guys

For the last 2 years we have had quiet New Years Eve’s but this Year I want some excitment …any ideas of where to go & what to do?

We live near Tarbes but would be happy to travel

what are you doing?

We stayed here and had friends over from the UK. It was fairly quiet, but we also had a 6 year old girl staying with us, which leaves you a little restricted. Andorra sounds like a good idea though.

Hope you found your new years eve you were after, we never stay here for it, too quiet by half. This year was my fave yet, we crossed the border and stayed in Andorra, much more of the typical uk new years and would recommend it to anyone, we left it too late to find an apartment but still found a hotel happy to take our dog too. A brill 4 days, and we had to see in the new year twice, once for the euro new year and then the party carried on through for the uk one too.

Areas do vary, but here in the very rural and traditional areas of Midi-Pyrenees, quiet family get togethers are definitely the norm and load parties very much the exception.

I do not think that applies to all areas - I have spent many a couple of noisy New Years in Paris and where I live in Brittany there are plenty of New Year “Family” Parties - and they can get load.

My partner lives in a small village and we can here some parties going on all night and all day. Sounds like a 70,s RAVE.

Hi Karen,

We have only been here for one New Years so far and like you spent it quietly at home. There are local events on in the village halls etc, but I have a feeling they will not be exactly to our or your taste!! There must be some clubs etc and bars that are staying open late in Tarbes. If not, the next best place is going to be Toulouse I would think.

As I expect you know, the French do not have the same ideas of celebrating New Year as us and loud parties etc are not the norm.

If you find out anything, I would be interested to know.