What to do with a glut of Cèpes - Porcini mushrooms

Autumn is the time to keep your eyes down when out walking, if you find the right spots, shady, damp areas often under Oak trees, you can bag a haul of these wonderful mushrooms which would otherwise cost your a fortune!

If you only find a couple, go and make an omelette! If you find loads, you need to store them, drying is the best tactic. You can do that in the oven or with a food dehydrator like this one.


Thanks James,
I am looking forward to receiving some via my voisines…I tried them for the first time last year and made a mushroom omlette with them…Absolutely delicious and naturally creamy…
It’s a pity one can’t buy some sort of an electronic prong to test them to ensure they are the right ones. I think I would be too nervous just going by a picture…

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You can poke them and they bruise/turn bluish. That might be helpful?!

Yes feedback please but over here


I was quite please with this little haul, they cost a fortune in the shops!