What to do with Kaki (Persimmon I think)?

I have a tree full of these bright orange fruit - and apart from eating them raw I was wondering whether anyone had any good ideas for recipes using them - particularly ones where they can be conserved as I reckon there are hundreds on the tree and it seems a shame to feed the majority to the chickens!

I agree that as a fruit they don't have much going for them taste-wise, but I've been using them as an ingredient in cakes, breads and soups! and they have added an interesting twist to them. I have to say that a "tree-full" is too many - luckily the chickens seem to love them!

WE have a tree full of them.

Love fruit.

Cooking is our prof.

Do not likE kAKI and know very few people

who do. They just taste sweet and nothing else.


I tried my first recipe today - I found it on a site called "Allrecipes.com" - for Persimmon Bars. They are delicious. Now I just have to decide what to do with the other 298 (approx!!) that are left on the tree :)

I'm going to try freezing some of the pulp too - not sure if it will work but worth a try ?!?!

Here they call it a Kaki...you are right in the USA, we use them in persimmon bread, spiced and tasting alot like pumpkin, but it has been 30 yrs since I made it. Here I think they feed them to the chicks. Try on line, I use www.closetcooking.com and the Foodnetwork, maybe www.channel4.com/food (in UK) on line with Jamie or the other guy Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, they use odd items. They are good, but 2 dozen at the most, when it's more like 200, it is a pain. At least you can freeze the bread. Maybe you can work them into some winter veggies like carrots, parsnips, onions and I like to through in apples and chestnuts.

I spent some time yesterday trying to find something to do with these - most of the recipes I found were from the USA where the fruit seems to be used as an ingredient in baking (cakes, sweet breads, desserts etc). I've printed a few off and will try them over the next few weeks as the fruit ripen.

There was one recipe which was called Persimmon "Butter", in the photo the consistency looked like lemon curd (but a rather unappetising brown colour). I've not had much success with jelly's in the past (not the jelly and ice-cream type, but the "conserve" type) - mine tend not to set!

I shall keep searching and experimenting, and if I find anything worth passing on then will do so.

Hi Lindsay

I asked this very question on 4 November but had no response so ended up composting the ones I'd been given. Such a shame. Do let me know if you do find a good recipe. I thought maybe a jelly?