What to do with lost property?

A previous tenant left behind a bicycle - we'd left it because we were sure it belonged to a different tenant but now they say it's not theirs. So we're not sure which old tenant it belonged to. It's been there 2 years now and not sure what to do with it. Do we report it to the police? How long after it's been abandoned can we dispose of it?



Thanks all - I'll go and ask the police municipal when I get a minute.......

I think the assumption after two years would be that it's been abandoned and you can do what you like with it. I seem to remember that if you take something you've found to the police, if it's not reclaimed in a year and a day then it's yours. But as I also am not a legal expert the best thing might be to drop in at your local police/gendarmerie station and ask them.

I know that when you buy a place, whatever is left in there when you sign the definitive sales act belongs to the new owner, unless by prior agreement an arrangement is made whereby the previous owner will collect at a later date.

I think after two years, there is not much likelihood of it being reclaimed, but I am not a legal mind.