What to do with mincemeat (sweet)

well, Christmas came and went… some mincemeat was used… but not the usual amount, due to illness etc which cut short some of the gluttony and extravaganza…

Now, I’m wondering if I can transform a jar or two into something extra-special… perhaps to serve a spoonful alongside a light sponge cake… or stir into fromage blanc… (I usually take some desserts to club-outing picnics… and my British oddities are always welcomed… :wink: )

any ideas will be gratefully received…

It’ll keep if you have the space…

Anything involving odd bits of spirits you may have lying around… leave somewhere warm or till following day after you stir in any brandy, rum, grand marnier etc.

I’d then put a generous tablespoon in the bottom of the dish under a marmelade flavoured (plain plus a tbsp or max 2 tbsp of any non-favourite marmelade mixed in) steam pudding which will perfume the kitchen in anticipation.

Then maybe add some to filling for chaussons de pommes, easy to make

And especially if put back into a closed container it mostly fills to reduce air in it, as Corona says, particularly if you’ve added alcohol it will keep for a long, long time especially in the fridge.

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Send it to me? I didn’t make any this year :slightly_frowning_face:

I reckon it can be used with most recipes, like bakewell slice but with mincemeat instead of jam.

My mum often used to make that for after a Sunday roast… Served warm with custard :drooling_face:

I made a quick easy micrcrowave steamed pudding at Christmas, if you added less it would be more like a fruit steamed pudding, rather than full Xmas pudding if you see what I mean!

yes, I know it will… but our pals do love the “gout de Noel” :wink: :wink:

lots of ideas, thanks…
I try to cater for everyone, so take something tasty but non-alcoholic and something “zingy/tasty” (eg with eau de vie) … :wink:

I’ll see what the mincemeat is like with a good dash of something (hic) added… and left to moulder in the fridge for a day or two :wink:

A layer in apple pie is nice

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at home, I often turn a good spoonful into stewed apple… delicious… and might add a crumble topping , depending on whether or not I’m already using the oven… :wink:

I need something to easily divide into about 20 portions…

French toast only using a mincemeat sandwich :slight_smile:


Why not just make mince pies. They’re actually gorgeous any time of the year. Go on, be brave.


I’m brave enough… but my special mincepies are a Christmas treat for all my pals… available only at that time of the year… which is what makes 'em appreciated.

Incidentally, I can’t use a rolling-pin so I make handformed pastry liners and lids (extra delicious) for the pies… tiring and painful nowadays, as I have fingers which don’t want to work properly… so I stick to Seasonal… phew… that’s quite enough.

I think it great you hsven’t had to resort to pre rolled from a shop.:blush:

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no way… bought stuff doesn’t melt in the mouth quite like my pastry does… :wink:


just looked that up on google… and it does look delicious… might well have a bash at that for OH and myself…

Squashed flies lookalike, but with mincemeat.

My wife makes a delicious tray bake that all our french neighbours love. Line the tray with short crust pastry, a layer of mincemeat, a layer of frangipane, flaked almonds on top, cook, slice and serve yummy

Back in the day, when I used to make m/pies I would buy a couple of big jars of the best mincemeat I could find in any UK s/mkt. I would decant 3/4 of a jar into other jars and top up the space with Madeira/Marsala/similar and mix well.

The trick to get best results - buy the m/meat for treatment and storage for the following year’s Xmas. Otherwise, store until Xmas that year.

It never goes off. I’ve used jars of this mix that were several years old, having migrated to the back of cupboards and hidden.

This long-time storage also works brilliantly with raisins/sultanas. Fill a big jar 3/4 full of a mix of these, top up with the alc and store for weeks. The dried fruit absorbs the wine and the raisins/sultanas turn into wonderful ‘taste bombs’.

The results are not season-specific - a fab use of them is to spoon generously over good quality vanilla icecream.