What to expect at a Fosse inspection?


I have tried a search without success, we are having our fosse inspected in just over a week, the fosse was installed before we bought the house. What can we expect at the inspection, what should we have prepared for the inspectors, any tips or advice please?

Many thanks fir any help / advice

How does one tell if the fosse is "alive & healthy"? we feed ours with the normal cr*p & nothing else!

We had an inspection of our 6 year old, 3 m cub. concrete tank & 3 x 15m drain system last year when the recommendations were:- grind down a weir to ensure even flow to the drains, clean the volcanic rock pre-filter & arrange for a vidange the following year when the level of solids would probably be at the maximum acceptable. No mention was made as to the "health" of the system & I in my ignorance did not ask. Other than the above the inspector said it was ok!!

Just remembered - the inspector asked to see the most recent receipt for emptying too......

Oh yes, as Glen says, the receipt. That was more or less the inspector's main interest.

Had ours done bout 18 months ago - it was part of a general conformity drive for our area.

It was quite straight forward, and the "inspector" made a few comments here and there, and likewise he asked a few questions.

By the time he left, I was pretty sure everything was fine, and he told me when to expect the report, and of course, the bill.

There were no nasty surprises when the report came - I am sure yours will be fine!

Many thanks Glen, that is exactly what we needed to know. We feed the fosse with epacyl monthly and it.s “healthy” as far as we can tell and we are very careful about what we use and what gets flushed, so fingers crossed all will be well.

Ours mumbled a bit, asked who emptied it, what we give it to stabilise (Eparcyl) then wrote on a docket thing and was never heard of again.

Thing is we know where the fosse is, we feed it it doesn’t smell but we know very little else…


and for those who haven't had the pleasure... Le Service Public d'Assainissement Non Collectif (SPANC)

"The man from the spanc"'

Is this the punishment for not having a correctly maintained fosse septique ?

The last couple inspections we had, the man from the spanc came round, I explained to him what was in place, he had a look, agreed then we both agreed that it wasn't aux normes and what needed to be done. Very informal really but there again it'll depend on the bloke in question!